Nathaniel Cho - the boxer

Nathaniel Cho the upcoming boxing legend or not? ..... We will not start ramming with spoilers, but this is really a very cool investigator. Just stands his ground and is entirely intended to help your teammates. This is what the Guardian class stands for, of course, only this investigator makes that very clear with his fists. Nobody f * cks with one of my team mates guys.



Asset (13)
Hand x2
2x  Flesh Ward
2x  Grete Wagner
1x  Randall Cho 
2x  Relentless
2x  Safeguard
Event (16)
2x  Counterpunch
2x  Dodge
2x  Glory
Skill (2)
2x  Vicious Blow
Treachery (1)
Enemy (1)
1x Tommy Malloy 

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