Blog NR 1 - Welcome to the website


We have started our new website. That means that our Dutch bloggers Company is taking a step forward and is going to focus on more board and card games. Of course we want to get bigger in the future and take a closer look at multiple games for you.


We therefore take a fresh dive into this dark horror LCG from Fantasy flight games. It's a very different mechanism than looking at LOTR LCG. Here in Arkham it's really all about campaign mode. We have already added this to the LOTR LCG variant ourselves. Let's see what exactly this game is about.


You always start at the beginning and that is a fresh look at the mechanics with the starter decks.

The first 5 starter decks are as follows;

- Daisy Walker, The librarian.

- Roland Banks, The fed.

- "Skids" O Toole, The Ex-con.

- Agnes Baker, The waitress.

- Wendy Adams, The Urcin.


Each Investigator has his or her own unique cards and skills where he or she tries to make a way in the world that you cannot reach with your head. Every step ahead brings new dangers. So you have to keep your head cool and approach everything with common sense.


So you are an investigator who is going to investigate this scary and lurid world into the evil that is all wandering around. So, just like in any other LCG, you have a player deck. You can supplement this with Assets, Events, Skills and Weakness cards. Unlike the LOTR LCG variant, you do not have 3 heroes to help you against evil, but you have a single investigator to help you. He or she must therefore come from good houses so as not to lose their mind.


Horror .... yes the first new thing about this game! You don't just have Hitpoints that can kill you. Maintaining common sense is also the order of the day. Are you curious about more content? Then keep an eye on the website and take a look with us at the adventures we are going to experience with this game.


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