stella clark - the letter carrier

Stella Clark knocked on the professor's office door. On the sign next to the

Door said "Harvey Walters." Same name as on the label on her package. It wasn't often that she had to deliver fragile packages like this, but the professor seemed to have connections with the more powerful. When no one answered her, she called through the door, "Mr. Walters?” She received a nervously muttered but affirmative answer. She shrugged and opened the door.

Mr. Walters sat at his desk, poring over a myriad of papers that made Stella dizzy. She marveled at the many strange artifacts, dusty books, and ancient relics on display in the older man's study. He looked up and his demeanor changed as he recognized the bundle she was carrying. "Is that...?" he began with almost palpable excitement and curiosity in his voice.

"I can't tell what it is. Just that it's for you," replied

her and placed the package on his desk. For an ordinary book, it was incredibly difficult. But she was here at Miskatonic University. From what she heard, things weren't as clear cut here when it came to books as they were elsewhere.

"This is an extremely valuable tome," he told her as he tore open the wrapper like a child would his birthday present. “And a very rare translation at that. Not easy to get hold of. If you knew how much work...” His breath hitched as his gaze fell on the title of the manuscript. "No, that's... something's wrong here."

Stella was confident that she had delivered the right package to the right recipient. On the other hand, she couldn't say for sure what to do with the extra envelope addressed to "STELLA" that she always found in her pocket. She has always prided herself on being diligent and delivering her mail properly. "Sir, what's the problem?"

"This is not the translation of Petrus de Dacia." Mr. Walters scowled at her. "It's a fake."

Asset (14)

HAND (6)
2x  Old Keyring
Accessory (2)
Ally (4)
2x  Granny Orne
Other (2)
2x  Scrapper
Skill (5)
2x  Take Heart
Treachery (2)

Stella is an outsider with the courage to gape, who can emerge victorious even from the most hopeless situation. Her ability allows her to retry a skill test that she narrowly failed, or to take an additional action to make up for time lost when she failed a skill test on a treachery card. Along with other cards that give her an advantage on failed skill tests, she proves to be a surprisingly versatile, low-risk investigator.

Stella's deck contains various asset cards with abilities that can mitigate the disadvantages of a failed test, such as B. her 18 Derringer and her old bunch of keys. Both cards only use up their resource tokens if you succeed. You can safely take a combat or investigate action without fear of failure. Better yet, if you fail a skill test on your turn, Stella's deck has plenty of event cards that can take advantage of that failure. Try this fancy card combo: you can attempt a test you know will fail, then play "Look what I found!" Oops! or luck in disguise to "pass" the test, so to speak. At the same time, you can also trigger the rabbit's foot, take heart and/or trigger its investigator ability. Finally, you can play Man Never Stops to try the test again!

If you are confronted with a skill test that you really don't want to fail, then No matter what the weather is the skill card of choice: In addition to a considerable improvement in chances (3 joker symbols), the card can completely nullify the consequences of a potential failure.

As Stella stumbles forward with the principle of "failing successfully," she will sometimes have trouble actually succeeding at skill tests like other investigators. This is particularly evident when her weakness, Call of the Mist, appears in-game. In this case, you should avoid high-difficulty checks entirely by using the Mysterious Raven asset card or the A Trial of Will event card.