Winifred habbamock - the aviatrix

Winifred - Weethao as her parents know her, Wini to her friends - was one of the smartest kids in her reservation school. However, her reckless attitude and lack of respect for authority meant she often got herself into trouble. The course of her life changed forever when she found an old biplane in a farmer's garage and decided to "take it out for a spin." The owner, a former pilot in the Great War, was awestruck by her natural talent and offered to teach her what he knew. Now Wini is known as the "woman without fear," showing off her skills in barnstormers all across the country. That nickname would be tested when, during one of her shows, she spotted a creature she could scarcely describe: a thing with leathery wings and a single, mutated, pus-filled eye.


Say hello to Winifred, yet again an expansion for your investigators set. This lady is fearless and you probably should play like it. 

The rules for this Investigator are simple, play as many cards you have with any skill test. But first things first, let's take a look at what kind of roque class investigator Winifred is. Her stats are 1/3/3/5 thats a real low willpower and high as every roque investigator in agility. The rest is normal, but with Winifred the main goal is to commit a load off cards for the skill test that comes with this game. The rules of deck building is only including roque cards lvl 0/5 and neutral cards 0/5 so thats a easy building mechanic. She has a really good 8 health, 7 sanity balance and with some cards that come along with these pre deck you will be safe for at least some rounds without fighting. 


She has a response ability of the following, when you commit 2 different cards to a skill test you may draw a extra card from your deck. Only you can't use weakness cards in this way. 


Her super star ability (like we would call it) gives you +1 for the skill test and is you succeed then for every 2 points above you can take a committed card back to your hand. 

special card

Anything you can do, better


What we already talked about is the fact that Wini is a daredevil and a fearless women. So this card is a way to let you know that what ever skill test you take with this card you will succeed anyway. Expect the chance that you can hit the the Elder thing (the red automatic fail token).


This skill card will grant you with a whooping 6 ? icons to every skill test you are committing. So only to your test and not a other player!


When you drop the Elder sign token and you played this card you have a chance of grabbing more then just one card back from your commit cards. But as you know it's a small chance of that. Don't forget its still Arkham horror we talking about. 

weakness cards

Because this is an expansion pack you will get 2 weakness cards. All because of the fact that you have a compleet themed deck you can pick up and ready to go! 


Arrogance / this card is the main weakness card of the deck. This card should be included with every build you do. The card stays in your hand when you draw it. And you must include this card with every skill test YOU make. But it not will not grant you with a +1? icon but with a minus. So every test you will preform gets a -1? icon and if you still succeed the test it will go back to your hand. But if you lose the test it will be discarded. What a pain of a card, it wants you too fail. Also if you commit this skill card and another card to a skill test the response ability of Winifred doesn't tricker because this is a weakness and that doesn't apply. 


Reckless / the other weakness card is a random weakness and is no priority for a build with Winifred. But to stay in a themed deck you can include it. This card is a skill card as well and when you draw it then it will stay in your hand. You can commit this card to a skill test that only YOU are preforming and you will not get a bonus in fact you can't commit other cards to the test. When you succeed the test Reckless will be discarded. But if you fail it will get back to your hand. At the end of your turn if reckless is still in your hand you will lose 2 resources. That's harsh man!


Street wise / An updated talent card. Free of resources but if you want to buff up your intellect or your agility then it will cost you 2 resource! And it only last till the skill test is over. So very expensive but it may save you once in a while. 


Lucky cigarette case /  it will cost you only 2 resources and what a winner you will get from it. One of the better cards for Wini and a MUST in this deck (or any other deck of the roque class). If you succeed a skill test with 2 or more exhaust the case and draw a free card. A really good card!


Lonnie Ritter / ok this is probably the first card you wanted to chance if you are building a new creation deck with Wini. You can or must switch it with Leo De Luca and you will see what we mean about that. Lonnie will give you an extra +1 fight skill and if you exhaust Lonnie then you can heal a horror on her or on another asset of any investigator at your location. Ok lets be honest, healing is cool but you probably better off with some one like Leo he will give you another action each round. Her stats are ok with 2/3 so she can soak up damage and horror for you but thats all. 


Leather jacket / With this jacket you will get 2 extra health points and its a fast action! Pay 2 resource and you won't use an action. 


Switchblade / We all know this one already. Cost 1 resource and it's a fast action. Then tricker a fight ability and if you succeed with 2 or more you will deal 1 extra damage. And you probably know by now that Wini is all about committing cards to a test. 


Mauser C96 / comes with 5 ammo and cost you 4 resources. It's also a handslot but in this deck you will only uses 1 hand weapons. Exhaust the Mauser and use 1 ammo. Then you will get a fight action that will give you a bonus fight stat of +1 and will deal 1 extra damage. If you succeed by 2 or more then you can ready the gun for another use or gain 1 extra resource.


Lockpicks / for the  cost of 3 resources you will get probably one of the best roque cards ever made! Exhaust lockpicks and ad your agility to your intellect. This will buff up your intellect with a huge amount. Even for the seeker class this is a high amount. If you look at Wini you will investigate with with 8 intellect and if you commit extra cards the 10 is easily reached. So you always can count for a win and you don't have to discard lockpicks. But if you do manage not the make at least 2 over the score you will need to discard the card, but that only happens to us once in a while because of the Elder thing token (red token automatic fail). So put 2 of the in your deck and you will be safe. 


Cheap shot / You will pay 2 resources and you can ad your agility to your fighting skill. With Wini you will preform a fight skill test for at least of 8. That is if you don't commit extra cards to the test. And the little bonus of evading an enemy or monster is hard to say no to. This is an event card so when the test is over you will have to discard the card but you evade or killed the enemy and you will survive another round. 


Daring Maneuver / You see or read that the thing about this deck is that you will need to succeed with 2 or more. So if you don't make that score then you will have this card. Its FAST and FREE! And you will get +2 for the skill test. It's also an event and you can play this at the player window before finishing the skill test. Maybe its not enough but the buff of +2 will probably make a successful test with at least +2. You can also drop this card for your fellow players to help them out in a dangerous situation. 


Pilfer / A expensive card thats a fact. For 4 resources you will use your agility instant of your intellect to make an investigation action. But if you succeed it will grant you with 2 extra clues. So eventually you will pay 4 resources for 3 clues. So it's not that expensive but it's still 4 resources. And you will play this card mid game, so keep a watchful eye on your resources if you want to use this card. 


Slip away / Another card that will help you evading but stuff. Ad your intellect to your agility and take the test! If you succeed by 2 or more the evaded enemy or monster will not ready next round! That is pretty cool, but the enemy can't be a ELITE one or else it will be ready next round. The cost of 2 is ok but you see that you must pay for everything to get around! But that's life for a roque!


Sneak by / We just said that you will have to for everything! Now this is a card that will help you a little. Its FREE and you will preform a evade test. But before the test begins you will get 2 resource to your pool. So with those 2 resources you can play others cards to help you with the evade attempt. Or you can use other cards to attack the enemy at your location like Cheap shot. 

Opportunist / Only commit this card for the test you're playing. If you succeed with 3 or more it will go back to your hand! Its a simple card that will buff up your test with a +1? icon. So you can use it for every test. If you gonna commit cards to a test always commit this one as well. The chance that this card will go back to hand is greater then if you use this one on its own. 


Nimble / A runner card! If you need to evade something big and bad then you will have to use this card. For every point you succeed  you can move that many locations away from the bad stuff. But there is a limit of 3 locations and the need to be connected. 


Daredevil / Play one and get one free! But at a high cost. You must discard cards from the top of your deck until you found another skill card. At this card to the test. One of the bad cards of this expansion if you will ask me. You can't dispose weakness card with this because you will need to shuffle them back in your deck. 

upgrade cards

With every expansion Investigator pack there will be upgrade cards. So you can play a hole cycle or story with just these cards! Let's have a look at the upgrade cards!


Daring maneuver / you know what the card does but with the cost of 2 exp you can upgrade this card. It will give you a +3 bonus to every skill test you take at that moment. You also can draw 1 free card! It's still FAST and FREE!


Cheap shot / You can upgrade this card for 2 exp. That doesn't mean that you have to discard the old version but this card is slightly better. If you succeed the skill test with 1 or more you will automatically evade the enemy or monster. But if you succeed with 3 or more cheap shot comes back to your hand!


Slip away / The rules are the same for this card! Only if you succeed with 1 or more the non elite enemy doesn't ready the next round. And if you succeed with 3 or more this card also comes back to your hand. The cost of the card if you want to include it in your deck is 2 exp. You see the upgrade cost underneath the cost of the card itself. They are the white dots. 


Sharpshooter / Alright a new card that only can bought with exp points. The card will cost you 3 exp. On its own won't bring you any good luck in the game but with a firearm like the Mauser C96 in play this card can do pretty cool stuff. Let me explain something about this card because its a little tricky. You can do two things with this card. It’s a talent so it stays on the table. When you use a fighting action on firearms assets you can choose the following action(s) or do both. First you can use your agility instead of your fighting skill, but also it modifiers (the icons you use while committing cards to a test) your fight skill can be added to your agility. So you can use agility and fight icons! The second thing you can do is to switch your enemies fight stat with there agility stat. Now that’s a ability you want to use because the most enemies you will encounter in this game has a low agility stat. It’s a pretty cool card. 


Chuck Fergus / Chuck O “berry” that’s his name around our table, is a criminal for hire. This bad boy will cost you a shit load of exp but comes in hard! For 5 exp you can include this fellow in to your deck. He cost 3 resource and do pretty cool stuff, his stat is 2/2 so he can withstand a little bit of pain. But where Chuck stands out is the fact that every tactic or trick you play when Chucks is ready at least you can trigger the following things. First you can make the trick or tactic FAST or you can play the card for 2 fewer resources. So some cards are for FREE. That’s pretty great! You also can buff up your skill test by +2 and you can do it before the resolution of the test ends or resolve’s. The only thing you will have to remember is the fact that you can only choose 2 of these actions and chuck must be ready. You can use this ability once per round. The +2 on the skill test is one too keep in mind because the basic rule of this deck is to succeed skill tests with +2 or more. Bud man what a Chuck O “berry” this guy is! 


Beretta M1918 / Lets make it rain bullets! For the cost of 4 exp you can buy the beretta in between the scenarios. It comes in play with 4 ammo on it. Exhaust the beretta and use a ammo to start a fight action. It will give you +4 fight to your stat and that is real high! It only deals 1 extra damage if you succeed the test. So that a little bump in the road. But think of the basic rule if you succeed with 2 or more it will do another extra damage of you can choose to ready the beretta and do the trick again on a other monster or enemy. If you succeed with 4 or more you can do both. Plain and simple. 

Lucky cigarette case / The 3 exp to spend on this card is worth your money. It will cost you only 2 resources and what a winner you will get from it. This upgrade card works a little better than the older version. If you succeed a skill test with 1 or more exhaust the case and not draw a free card but look at the top X cards of your deck and choose one. X is the number of points your succes. The other cards you shuffle back into your deck.  A really good upgraded version!


Pilfer / A expensive card thats a fact. For 4 resources you will use your agility instant of your intellect to make an investigation action. But if you succeed it will grant you with 2 extra clues. So eventually you will pay 4 resources for 3 clues. So it's not that expensive but it's still 4 resources. And you will play this card mid game, so keep a watchful eye on your resources if you want to use this card. 


Copycat / This copycat skill card  lets you grab another skill card form a discard pile of another investigator. Thats pretty cool. Think of deduction of the seeker class and you will get a free clue. Or grab a vicious blow from a guardian class to deal extra damage. But the card has to be in a discard pile of an other player. The cost is free because its a skill card and the cost to include it in your deck is 3 exp. It can help you out in bad situations but it will cost you a lot of exp for just one single use. 


Manual dexterity / we all know this card but the upgrade version will gif you a twist. If you succeed draw a card. But with the basic rule if you succeed with 2 or more you can draw 2 cards. Its a 2 exp cost card and will buff up your agility with 3 icons. Its a nice card but we let it slide and got to go for the bigger guns. 

Mauser C96 / Exp cost 2. Comes with 5 ammo and cost you 3 resources. It's also a handslot but in this deck you will only uses 1 hand weapons. Exhaust the Mauser and you will get a fight action that will give you a bonus fight stat of +2 and will deal 1 extra damage. If you succeed by 2 or more then you can ready the gun for another use or gain 1 extra resource. But with this card if you test succeed with 4 or more you can do both


Liquid Courage / Exp cost 1. Comes with 4 supplies. Spend a supply heal 1 horror, test 2 willpower and if you fail heal another extra horror and discard a card from your hand. Know this is fun, you fail heal a extra horror and discard a weakness skill card in your hand! Thats freaking awesome. Free of healing and dealing with your bad cards at the same time. But if you succeed then you may draw an extra card. So it's a win win situation. And that all for the cost of 1 exp point and 1 resource. 


Backstab / Exp cost of 3. It's an event card that wil knock down enemy faster then you can say Arkham horror the card game. Pay 3 resources and you will get a fight action with a bonus of +2 extra damage. If you will succeed with 2 or more backstab goed back t your hand. And that's the power of Wini! Throw down the cards baby! You will destroy enemies with Wini!

This was it! The full article about Winifred Habbamock. We hope you will enjoyed the reading and hopefully you learned more about this awesome character! See you next time!


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