"skids" O toole - the ex con

Skids, the ex-criminal.


This Roque deck is based on dodging your enemies, but every now and then Skids will attack them with his Switchblade. Let's not forget that this deck has a little tweak with Guardian cards. This means that you can dodge attacks with Dodge, but you can also inflict extra damage.


The Guardian cards are for extra fight power.

Asset (16)
2x Knife
1x  Machete
1x  Switchblade
1x  Beat Cop
1x  Guard Dog
1x  Leo De Luca
1x  Burglary
1x  First Aid
1x  Hard Knocks
Event (9)
1x  Backstab
1x  Dodge
1x  Elusive
1x  Evidence!
1x On the Lam 
1x  Sneak Attack
Skill (6)
2x Guts
1x  Opportunist
2x Overpower
1x  Vicious Blow
Treachery (2)

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