daisy walker - the librarian

This deck was created around the investigator Daisy Walker and was my first deck that I played co-op with.


In this case it is a 2 class deck. It is made to find clues in your location as quickly as possible. By means of the Seeker cards in this deck you quickly get to the clues. Dr Milan and the magnifying Glass are examples of increasing your investigation points to make it easier to pass the skill tests.


We've also added the Mystic cards, so you can just beat that one monster if no other investigator is around to help you. With the Mystic cards you use your willpower instead of your fighting skills to defeat monsters.

Asset (18)
2x Knife
1x  Scrying
1x  Shrivelling
1x  Holy Rosary
Skill (6)
1x  Deduction
1x  Fearless
Treachery (1)

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