Deck building

So as you all know by now is that Arkham horror the card game is the number one game in building decks. First you choose your investigator and they all have there own special ability's and special cards. But beware each investigator brings his own weakness card! For more about these card you probably be better off ad the card reviews


Now to build a one of a kind deck we will need to pay attention to some important details. We mention some below. There are many rules that come along with building decks. Each investigator has its own restrictions that can be found at the back of the cards. 

Deck testing is coming soon.

The world of Arkham horror the card game is big! With a massive card pool you can build the most wonderful masterpieces! But every one can build a deck, copy paste and wala bam! You build (or copied) your own, but can you handle the heat. We all read the most awesome flavour tekst and analysis of a deck, but you need to play with them. You even can tweak it a little to make it more your play style. In this new chapter we gonna pick out some of these decks and play them Dutch blogger style! We wright a full article about our findings! 


If you have one in mind or you want us to review a special kind of deck. Please let us know trough our instagram page or email your deck directly to us.