Deck building

This is the ultimate deck building game of the moment! You need an iron strong will if you want to survive in this horror game. So also a cool Survivor deck to help you overcome some of the most gruesome scenarios you can expect in Arkham. We are happy to help you.


 When building new decks, you always choose your investigator first. Each investigator has his Special card and weakness card. Curious which these are per investigator? Read this now in the investigators subchapter or read it in the card review page.


Take into account the investigator you choose, because the back also contains the requirements you must meet to build a deck.


Let's see what we mean with the classes. 



A class that only occurs once and there is not much to let go of. We didn't like this class at all.


A real team player. Mainly come to the aid of your friends. Can wreak havoc and heal wounds.


This is truly a class especially for us. You use a lot of items and you have a large arsenal of skill cards that still give you bonuses while you fail skill test. You can take bigger risks with the skill test with this class.


The real sneakers of the game. You use your agility to outsmart your enemies so as not to attack them head-on. You use a lot of cards that do extra damage to tired enemies and monsters.


The real spell class, you have a decent cardpool for spells and other dark cards. With this class you use your arcane spells. Also, don't forget that you don't master the spells. If you happen to grab the wrong token or fail the skill test, you usually do the damage to yourself or your teammates.


The most played class in the game. You are a seeker and that means that you are one of the few in your group that is a master of collecting clues. You have tons of cards that make it even easier to find clues. In our opinion, you are overpowered when it comes to the investigate action, but against it very badly in fighting and dodging. So you really only have to play this deck in a team context.




When building a fantastic deck you also have to take slots into account. You only have one pair of hands. Most items and weapons have a lock icon. Below we explain something about this.


1 Hand lock:

You only need one empty hand for this item. So you can hold two of these items.

2 hand slots:

You need both hands for this type of weapon or item. So you can no longer wear anything. If you already carried an item, you drop it and end up in the discard pile.

1 Accessory slot:

This is a type of item that you can carry with you. Think of a police badge or rabbit foot.

1 Body lock:

You can only wear one jacket or suit. You can think of a trench coat or fine clothes.

1 Ally slot:

These are the allies that you bring into your deck. Again, you can only have one of them on the table.

1 Arcane slot:

This is your lock for your spells. Each spell uses a lock.

2 Arcane slots:

Same as the previous one only you have two slots. Some spells are so powerful that you need both slots.