Winifred habbamock - the aviatrix

Wini leaned out of the van's passenger-side window and fired several rounds from her Mauser at the fleeing Franklin's rear tires. "Come on, do it. He's off! Can't that thing go faster?”

Stella bit her lip. She had never driven her mail van so fast. They had to get the tablet back. Important as that was, she didn't want to end up as an obituary in the Arkham Advertiser. "Are you crazy? Should I drive even faster?”

Wini scoffed: "Oh please, that's not even the craziest thing I've done today!"

Her companion rolled her eyes, but still had to smile. Wini's reckless, carefree attitude had a dangerous tendency to rub off on those around her. The notorious aviator - the so-called "woman without fear" - lived for dangerous moments like these.

Stella gripped the wheel so tight her knuckles turned white. She stepped on the accelerator, hoping her prey wouldn't take a sharp turn. Downtown Arkham became a blur as they sped past First National Bank and approached Independence Square. Stella kept having to suddenly change lanes in order to get past the slower and properly driving road users. But eventually she managed to close the distance between them and the Franklin.

Suddenly, Wini climbed out of the truck's window.

"What the hell are you doing?" Stella shouted. Wini grinned at her as she crawled over the hood of the van in preparation for a daring jump.

"Have some fun!"


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2x  Lockpicks

2x  Mauser C96

2x  Switchblade



2x  Lucky Cigarette Case



2x  Leather Jacket



2x  Lonnie Ritter



2x  Streetwise


Event (10)

2x  Cheap Shot

2x  Daring Maneuver

2x  Pilfer

2x  Slip Away

2x  Sneak By


Skill (9)

1x  Anything You Can Do, Better Special card

1x Arrogance Weakness

2x  Daredevil

2x  Nimble

2x  Opportunist

1x Reckless Weakness

Wini is a versatile villain who likes to take risks and "go all in" on important skill tests. Her ability allows her to contribute more cards than usual to skill tests to “guarantee” success, while still reliably getting new cards in her hand to contribute to future tests.

Wini's deck also contains several cards that can support her with a side effect or help her avoid failure should her skill test succeed by a certain amount of points. When you play Wini, fear should be a foreign word to you. You can (and should) contribute 2 to 3 cards to a skill test if you have outstanding success trigger effects. This includes the bonus resources of your Mauser C96, the bonus damage of your switchblade or drawing cards from Glücks cigarette case. These bonuses combined with Wini's ability make up for contributing more than 1 card to a test. In fact, it would often be a waste to contribute only 1 card to a test when playing Wini. Poker up or don't do it at all!

In addition, Wini has quite passable values in combat and intellect, which makes her a quite viable fighter and investigator. She also has many cards (such as Lockpicks, Unfair Trick, Escape, and Steal) in her deck that take advantage of her exceptional Agility stat. You should use these cards to succeed in important tests when you can't afford to contribute a myriad of cards.

Wini's low willpower is her worst burden. If you're taking a lot of damage and horror you can use your leather jacket to absorb damage and use Lonnie Knight to absorb horror. With Lonnie's ability you can heal both again.