Wendy adams - the urchin

Wendy Adams,

this deck is based on everything that goes wrong. If you get into tight situations with Wendy, she can easily get over it. So far, the Survivor class is always looking for the most minimal chances. Not only can you take bigger gambles with this class, they are also a star at finding clues "accidentally".


This deck is combined with the Roque class for even more enemies to avoid. She is not a stronger fighter, but she stands her ground when it comes down to it.

Asset (17)
2x Knife
1x  Switchblade
Hand x2
1x  Baseball Bat
1x  Leather Coat
1x  Leo De Luca
1x  Stray Cat
1x  Burglary
1x  Dig Deep
1x  Hard Knocks
1x  Scavenging
Event (8)
1x  Backstab
1x  Elusive
1x  Lucky!
1x  Sneak Attack
Treachery (2)
1x Amnesia 

Ga terug in de tijd met Wendy en trap wat lol in Arkham. Check het deck ook op ArkhamDB. 

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