the dunwich legacy

“I’m going to burn his accursed diary, and if you men are wise you’ll dynamite that altar-stone up there, and pull down all the rings of standing stones on the other hills. Things like that brought down the beings those Whateleys were so fond of...”

–H. P. Lovecraft, “The Dunwich Horror”


We have arrived in Dunwich. Well, not quite yet, your story begins in Arkham where you must find a one Professor W. Rice at Miskatonic University. This is also not entirely true, as you can also start your story to interrogate a colleague of the famous Professor W. Rice. So it's off to a good start! Before you even put cards on the table, you have to make a choice what will determine the later chapters.

New rules



 Some player cards in The Dunwich Legacy cycle must be exiled when they are used. When a card is exiled, it is removed from the game and returned to your collection. During campaign play, a card that has been exiled must be purchased again with experience points (between scenarios) if you wish to re‐include it in your deck. If exiling 1 or more cards would reduce your deck below your investigator’s deck size, when purchasing cards between scenarios, you must purchase cards so that a legal deck size is maintained (when purchasing cards in this manner, you may purchase level 0 cards for 0 experience cost until a legal deck size is reached).


Aloof is a keyword ability. An enemy with the aloof keyword does not automatically engage investigators at its location.

- When an aloof enemy spawns, it spawns unengaged.

- An investigator may use the engage action or a card ability to engage an aloof enemy.

- An investigator cannot attack an aloof enemy while that enemy is not engaged with an investigator.