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Rex Murphy, the unassuming yet remarkable investigator we often overlooked. While he may not be as commonly played as other investigators, don't underestimate his abilities. With the power to gain free clues and a remarkable talent for failing up to 3 cards, he truly is a fantastic choice.


When it comes to seeker class investigators, Daisy and Ming usually take the spotlight. However, we share a special bond with Daisy, being the first investigator we dedicated countless hours to during the thrilling Night of the Zealot.


Now, let's dive into Rex's strengths. As you might already know, achieving a +2 success grants him a free clue. Fortunately, hitting +2 is quite achievable with the seeker class. This unique ability sets him apart and makes him an asset to any investigation team.


But that's not all – Rex's super star ability is what truly makes him shine. He can deliberately choose to fail and draw 3 cards. While you might not encounter the coveted super star (blue) often, when you do, taking full advantage of these cards is a must.


In conclusion, Rex Murphy may not always be the first pick, but his ability to secure free clues and draw multiple cards with his super star power makes him a valuable asset to any team of investigators. We also have a review al about Rex Murphy hit the link to read more about Mr. Murphy

Laboratory Assistant

By providing a bigger hand size and offering immediate card draw, it proves to be an essential addition to your deck. For 2 resources you will get 2 extra cards not only for your hand but also to draw. She also can soak 1 damage and 2 horror if you are in a tight spot. Embrace the assistance of the Laboratory Assistant, and watch your investigative prowess reach new heights!


is an invaluable card that grants your team of investigators a valuable edge in terms of mobility and positioning. Its Fast trait makes it highly advantageous, allowing you to make strategic moves during your turn. Also do not forgot its a totally free card. Properly utilizing this card can result in remarkable synergy, improved survivability, and the efficient completion of objectives.


However, its effectiveness is influenced by the current game board layout and the overall strategy of your team. Using Shortcut at the right moment can mean the difference between success and failure, so be mindful of its single-use nature and keep it in reserve for crucial situations.


Shortcut is a top-tier event card that exemplifies the importance of well-timed movement and can be a game-changer in your quest for victory during the harrowing investigations ahead.

Seeking answers 

is an intriguing and strategic skill card that provides investigators with an additional layer of decision-making during their clue-gathering efforts. 


Its effectiveness heavily relies on the investigator's skill test results, so it's essential to consider the current situation, available resources, and the potential risks and rewards before playing Seeking answers. When used wisely, it can prove to be a game-changing card, enhancing your team's overall investigative efficiency and allowing for creative strategies in your pursuit of the truth.


As with any event card, timing and context are crucial when playing Seeking answers. Use it strategically, and it will undoubtedly aid you in overcoming the mysteries that lie ahead on your thrilling journey through the unknown.

Strange Solution

brings an enticing mix of risk and reward to the game. The opportunity to draw 2 cards upon success can be a game-changer, providing you with valuable resources to tackle upcoming challenges. However, the high intellect test requirement and its single-use nature require careful consideration before playing it.


This card is well-suited for investigators with strong intellect stats or those who have accumulated enough assets and skill cards to bolster their chances of success. It's an excellent addition to campaigns that value a rich narrative experience, as the recorded progress in the Campaign Log adds depth to the unfolding story.


And all that excitement just for 1 resource. O man a love this game. 

Restorative Concoction - Or what we calling it "The Healing Potion":

Before embarking on your epic journey, you'll need to unlock the Seeker's upgrade path. Once you've accomplished that, the Healing Potion becomes available to you. This upgrade comes with four supplies, each playing a pivotal role in keeping you and your fellow investigators in top shape.

To activate this potent concoction, perform an action and spend one supply to heal 2 damage from an investigator at your location. As the healer of the team, you'll be a beacon of support, ready to mend wounds and keep the squad fighting fit.


Acidic Ichor - Or what we calling it "The Inner Strength Potion":

With three supplies at your disposal, "the Inner Strength Potion" is a force to be reckoned with. Prepared to unleash your power, this upgrade empowers you to perform an action and spend one supply to fight with an impressive base fight skill of 6. But there's more - this attack deals +2 damage, ensuring that your strikes hit with unparalleled force.

Embrace your inner strength and wield this potion to take on even the most formidable adversaries that cross your path. Your foes won't know what hit them!


Freezing variant - Or "The Ninja Potion" as we calling it:

As a Seeker, your agility isn't your strongest skill set, and the Ninja Potion will help with it perfectly. With four supplies at your disposal, activate this upgrade by performing an action and spending one supply to evade with a base agility skill of 6.

Picture yourself as a nimble ninja, swiftly eluding the grasp of lurking horrors. This potion grants you the freedom to outmaneuver your enemies and ensure that danger never gets too close.


Note for the players: every upgrade of this card will cost you a whooping 4 exp. There are many other cards that will do the same for much less. But you will have to expand your card pool. 

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