Extracurricular Activity encounter set

There was only one encounter card from this encounter set, but there were also some cards that you may or may not have seen yet. So this little article let you look what cool stuff this set will bring along. 

These you probably are ready know from our previous article and strategy guide. But we like to sum things up and it's easier to find them this way. 


The experiment / Massive stats but when you defeat him nobody beliefs you and they only find a dog skeleton. With the keyword massive. Which means that the creature is engage with every Investigator in that specific location. It will not engage just an Investigator but all of you freaking out Investigators. This experiment has a stat of 4/7/2 which means you can easily avoid it. But attacking this thing is becoming a headache of a nightmare. Not even that is the worst part. His health gains +3 for each Investigator. So in our case it's +6 that makes a total of 13 hit points.


Alchemical Concoction / It will give your seeker a change to fight off monsters. If you have a guardian companion like Zoey or Roland they can harm this monster and you as seekers will give the finishing blow. This card you will activate an fight action but instead of fight you will use your intellect skill. It also deals +6 damage! And there it is..... your solution to kill things. You will only get is potion when you played "the house always wins" scenario first. And then you will have to find the alchemy lab to grab this amazing potion. It will give your seeker a change to fight off this monster.


"Jazz" Mulligan / When you find Jazz he will spawn at your location and you can do a parley action. If you succeed in this parley action then you gain controle over Jazz and that awesome! Not only will he unlock several doors, but also he has a great stat of 2/2. So he can soak up some of you damages. 


Professor Warren Rice / If you want this professor you will need to finish this scenario with resolution 1. You will get a good ally. His stats are 2/3 and the 3 sanity is a massive win. You can soak up some horror in bad situations. But thats not all. Also you will get +1 intellect and if you discover the last clue on a location you can exhaust Warren and draw a card. The cost is average to. 3 is not high and not low for the ability you get with this card.