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This is the deep dive analysis of the Guardian class that comes with the core set. We will discuss these cards in the following categories. Assets, events and skill cards. Of course we will also discuss the upgrade cards. One hero is included for each class, in the case of the Guardian class, this is Roland Banks, because we have already treated the investigators, we will not treat them. If you are interested, click on Roland Banks and read his story.


PRO TIP: The guardian class is made for support and fight. You can destroy quite a few enemies and also help your fellow players with healing or support.


Asset cards are items, weapons or allies that remain on the table. Should the ammunition run out or the ally's damage / horror reaches zero, these cards will go to your discard pile. You have cards that allow you to heal allies or put extra ammo on your weapon, but until then you have to be careful with your asset cards.


Unlike LOTR LCG, your assets such as a beat cop or guard dog cannot attack. You only do this with your investigator.


Not only can you play these asset cards as the card itself. You can also use them for extra skill points. At the top left of the map are the icons that you can add to your skill test. Please note that if you do this you can no longer use the card normally. Therefore, use common sense when you are going to make these kinds of choices.


PRO TIP: Cards with the word FAST on it , do not cost you any action!


Guard dog / a real police dog, he has a health of 3 and horror of 1. So he can absorb 3 damage before he leaves the table. If this Guard dog receives any damage from an enemy, you may deal 1 damage to the attacking enemy. So you can absorb and deal 3 damage with this card. For 3 resources this is a really good asset! 3 damage for 3 resources, it can't be any cheaper.


Beat cop / by bringing in this agent for 4 resources you get a bit of security. Not only do you get +1 fight skill, this agent can also have quite a bit in terms of damage and horror. His 2/2 stats can help your investigator not to go under. If you are in a very difficult situation, you can also get rid of this agent to deal 1 damage to an enemy at your location. This does not trigger an action.

PRO TIP: something at your location doesn't mean anything in your threat area. It can also be an enemy that your fellow player is struggling with. As long as that fellow player is at the same location. This also applies to attacks. So you can attack an enemy who is in conflict with your fellow player. However, if you fail or miss, the damage will go to your fellow player so pay attention!


First aid / your first healing card, you play this this asset for 2 resources and receive 3 supplies. That means that you can use this card 3 times to remove 1 damage or horror. Not only healing your investigator, but you can choice to apply this to a fellow player at your location. However, healing does cost an action point. So only use this in dire need and you can only use it on your own turn.


Physical training / this is a Talent card that you see coming back from every class. I am not much of a fan of these types of cards. What should be said so to speak. For 2 resources, this talent card is placed on the table and has the ability to pay for an extra SKill point each time. In this case willpower or fight. I never use these cards. Your resources are far too limited for these types of cards.


Machete / yes yes yes, your first weapon card. You jump into the air just to be able to express it when you draw this card. Let alone you have it in your opening hand. This asset card comes into play for 3 resources and has combat power. You get a fight option for 1 action. This not only gives you +1 fight skill, but also if you only have one enemy it does 1 extra damage. This way you can quickly deal with your enemies and if you also have the next card you are completely baked.


.45 automatic / this gun can be used for up to 4 resources. A relatively expensive card. You do get 4 supplies on this weapon and for an action you are going to do a fight skill test. You get +1 fight skill and do 1 extra damage. Together on the table with the machete and you will get rid of every enemy. Let the other player worry about the clues you will shoot.


Event cards are there to protect you or to do extra damage. You can also get extra ammo or dodge attacks with these cards. You can always play these cards and you don't have to use them just for yourself. You can also very well give them to a fellow player. Take Dodge, for example, you can also use it to help a fellow player so that he does not get damage.


Dynamite blast / heavy shaking. Throw this dynamite on your location or on a connecting location and everything and everyone takes 3 damage. Also your fellow players so watch where you throw it. For 5 resources, this is the most expensive card in its class, but one you will need in your first adventure in Dunwich to take out The experiment.

Dodge / dodge an attack from an enemy. Not only can you use it for yourself, but you can also play this card to save a fellow player. An asset to your deck for only 1 resource. This card has already helped me a number of times.

Evidence / plain and simple, 1 resource for a clue. There must be a clue at your location and you must take out an enemy. This shouldn't be very difficult for a Guardian.


Skill cards are only used for skill tests that are constantly displayed during your playing session. The entire game mechanism revolves around the skill test you have to perform. Vicious Blow is such a skill card that is indispensable in a Guardian deck or any deck if your investigator can use Guardian cards. With the skill cards you always look at the icon on the left under the name skill. In this case it is a fight icon. So with this card you get 1 extra fight skill point. Until now, a skill card never costs resources which is awesome. That way you only get benefits that don't cost you anything. They only take up space in your deck. In addition to the extra skill point, this card also does 1 extra damage if the skill test passes! If you fail, this card is lost. This way you can quickly do more damage for no cost, but pass the skill test otherwise it is of no use.

upgrade cards

Upgrade cards. The name says it all. At least we always play this game in campaign mode. This is super cool for the story and the experience is so cool that we think this is the best table top card game to date. You can win victory points in any scenario. You save these points until your scenario is over. In LOTR LCG you can subtract these points from your total score and give little to no addition to the game. UNTIL NOW! You can spend these points on upgrade cards. Cards that are better than its predecessor or a weapon that you want. In this way, you can develop your investigator into a true master of dodging, fighting or finding clues for each new scenario. At the top left of the resource costs are white dots or White pips. This card indicates how much these cards cost to buy for your deck. You can buy all maps including non-upgraded maps. The cards that have 0 pips that you want to add cost 1 victory point. If you approach a scenario where you need that particular card, you can always swap them for 1 pip. As long as you don't have more than 30 cards in your deck. For example, if you want to buy the Beat cop, it will cost you 2 vicotry points unless you exchange it for the other beat cop then it only costs 1 victory point.


Beat cop / The upgrade version contains the same abilities as the old one, only you don't have to discard it before dealing damage. You can give him 1 damage yourself. He also has 1 extra health so you can deal 3 damage in total.

Police badge / for 2 victory points you can add it to your deck and you can play it for 3 resources. You get 1 extra skill for your willpower and you can choose whether you or your fellow player get 2 extra actions for 1 turn. But then you have to say goodbye to the badge.

Shotgun / make it rain! Shotgun time! for no less than 4 victory points which is not wrong. Can you purchase this gun. It also has a very high cost of 5 resources. You only get 2 supplies with this gun. So this is not much. He does do enormous damage. You get +3 fight skill points and for every point you finish higher on the test it does 1 damage. So you have to pass a test of 3 and you get 8 then you do 5 extra damage. Minimum 1 maximum 5. However, this also applies the other way around. If you attack an enemy that is in conflict with your fellow player and you fail for every failed point, you do damage to your fellow player.

Extra ammunition / If you take the shotgun, also take this card with you in your deck. For only 1 victory point and 2 resources you get 3 extra ammunition for a weapon and you just have your shotgun on the table. Shoot ...

This was the deep dive analysis of the Guardian class that comes with the core set. Hopefully you have learned something from it and you are completely addicted to this game, because we can not live without it.


Remember that English is not our native language so there may be some spelling mistakes.


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