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Jenny Barnes, the money maker! Jenny is the only Investigator how has equally stats. 3/3/3/3. But what makes Jenny so special is the fact that she gets 1 extra resource every upkeep. That means that you can play a lot of high cost weapons. Took a look at the following cards. You can play high cost cards that probably other Investigators can't play or wouldn't play. Leo De LucaArcane Studies and off course Hard knocks. Yes you read that right Arcane studies. Jenny can play up to 5 cards from any class. 

Thats what makes Jenny a strong and reliable Investigator to play with. And it is real fun. You also can play Bandolierfrom the guardian class and pomp your deck with guns! Because you have the resources why don't use them on guns! Check out here amazing review. 

Liquid Courage

is a potent tonic asset that offers a valuable healing option for investigators. With its four supplies, it provides a steady source of horror recovery, enhancing the team's overall durability and ability to withstand terrifying encounters.


Uses (4 supplies).

Take an action and spend one supply: Choose an investigator at your location to heal 1 horror. "Then, that investigator tests 2 willpower. If the test succeeds, he or she heals 1 additional horror. If the test fails, he or she discards 1 card at random from his or her hand.


The bonus healing potential from the willpower test adds an exciting risk-and-reward element to the card. Successfully passing the test rewards the investigator with additional healing, but failure comes at the cost of a random card from their hand.


The flexibility to use Liquid Courage on any investigator at your location makes it a versatile tool for providing much-needed support to your team members.


When utilized wisely, Liquid Courage can prove to be a valuable asset, alleviating the mental strain on your investigators and empowering them to face the challenges ahead with courage and determination.


However, be mindful of the skill test risk and consider the timing and positioning of your investigators before employing this healing option. With prudent decision-making and a dash of bravery, Liquid Courage becomes a worthy addition to your arsenal in the ever-escalating horrors of your investigations.

Think on your feet

is a lifesaving event that can turn the tide in dire situations. Its ability to swiftly relocate you to a connecting location is ideal for evading imminent enemy threats and gaining a tactical edge.


The low cost of 1 resource makes it a cost-effective option, allowing you to manage your resources more efficiently throughout the game. With proper positioning, you can capitalize on this card's ability to plan your moves strategically.


However, its usefulness is dependent on enemy spawns and the availability of connected locations. As such, it may not always be applicable in every scenario.


For investigators seeking an emergency escape option to outmaneuver lurking dangers, Elusive Maneuver proves to be a valuable addition to your deck. So, when the shadows grow long and danger looms, rest assured that Elusive Maneuver can help you navigate the treacherous paths and emerge triumphant in the face of adversity.

Double or Nothing 

is a unique skill card that can be committed to a skill test. However, it has a maximum limit of one per test. This daring card comes with a high-risk, high-reward mechanic. When committed to a skill test, it doubles the difficulty of the test. If the skill test is successful, brace yourself for twice the impact, as the effects of the successful test are resolved not once, but twice.


The potential for doubling successful test effects can be extremely rewarding, turning a favorable outcome into a resounding victory. Yet, caution must be exercised, as the double difficulty also heightens the risk of failure, which may have dire consequences.


When wielded with skillful timing and strategy, Double or Nothing can become a potent asset in an investigator's arsenal, presenting moments of true glory. However, it also demands prudence and awareness of potential pitfalls.


Ultimately, whether you embrace the thrill of Double or Nothing or prefer a more cautious approach, its inclusion in your deck will undoubtedly add a thrilling dimension to your gameplay.

Hired Muscle - upgraded card for 1 exp. 

offers a valuable combat enhancement to investigators seeking to bolster their fight skill. Its talent trait opens up intriguing deck-building possibilities and synergies with other cards.


In the early stages of a scenario, Hired Muscle can be a formidable asset, providing a much-needed boost to your combat abilities. Its presence may tip the scales in your favor, securing critical victories and empowering your team.


However, the forced ability adds a layer of complexity, demanding careful resource management. Failure to pay the resource cost leads to the loss of Hired Muscle, potentially leaving you at a disadvantage in future encounters.


Ultimately, Hired Muscle's value lies in its ability to aid you in combat, making it particularly appealing to those investigators seeking martial prowess. But beware the resource burden it brings, for the decision to retain this asset may shape the course of your investigation.


With strategic planning and skillful resource management, Hired Muscle can be a formidable addition to your arsenal, ensuring you stand strong against the horrors that await. Choose wisely, and may this capable ally empower your journey through the darkness. There is also room for soaking a lot of damage. Horror a the other hand is not his specialty. 

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