stella clark - The letter carrier

Before Stella began working for the postal service in Arkham, she knew two things with certainty. First, her parents made a mistake when they called her their son and gave her a boy's name. Second, the house on the cliff in Kingsport whispered her true name - the name she chose for herself - late at night: "Stella." Delivering the mail six days a week in all kinds of weather wasn't an easy job, but Stella loved knowing that she was helping people connect with one another. Then she started finding the letters. At the end of her route, there was always one extra envelope in her bag. It was always addressed to her. It was always postmarked from Kingsport. And it always contained a letter with one typed word: "Stella."


Stella is one of the must played character of mine! I could honestly say that because in the beginning I really wasn't fond of the survivor class. There are a lot of mechanics with this class that you will have to understand! With the survivor class its best to fail and fail and fail again. And for new players thats a hard one to swallow. You wanna win with every last breath you have and want to become a master in every skill test. So back to the beginning where our card pool wasn't what it is now. You don't have enough survivor cards to really understanding this type of play style. But then come along Stella and her awesome deck. Really this is a good way to start exploring the rules and boundaries of the survivor class. Give it just a little tweak and you will have a blast with Stella.


She has a huge amount of starter health and sanity. With 8/8 to start with is a huge advantage of a survivor class investigator. She has a really and I mean a really good response ability. After you loose a skill test you can take a additional action! Thats awesome! You can build amazing combo's with this trick. But we will handle these combo's in a deck testing session!


Her stats are average and she has a good chance to evade enemies. 3/2/3/4 are the numbers you will have to remember. If you can drop some cards to help you buff up things a little like weapons ect you will have a strong investigator that is ready to gather clues and fight off the baddies. 


Her super star ability is also a great way to heal some of the bad things that happend to you in the game. You don't have to put any healing cards in your deck, because she can manage her own. If you draw the elder sign you can choose te automatically fail the test in order to heal 1 damage or sanity. Still with the combo of her response if you fail you get a free action for a do over. All with all it's a hardened letter carrier! And no matter how big the dog in the yard is. She will deliver!

special card

Neither rain nor snow


You will get at least 3 of these into your deck! You will get 3 ? skill icons so you can use them for every test. Not even that but if you still fail the test cancel all the bad effects that was going to happen to you! I should probably wanna use these cards if I really need to make an important skill test that I need to succeed. 

weakness cards

Called by the Mists


This card isn't so bad in the early games, but later on it will get painful and stands in your way. In the early campaigns most skill test are probably round the 3 difficulty. But later on they become bigger and thats a problem. 


Sometimes you start a skill test way above your payroll because you want to lose. But this card makes that a bit hard. Because if you start a skill test of 4 or higher difficulty than you take 1 damage. Not direct so you can give this to an ally. You can discard this card for 2 action but you should probably leave this card alone for the time being. Only if you have to you can spend the 2 actions. 



Ok now we talking Arkham horror! The one thing that will brake Stella is this card. The whole game mechanic of a survivor class is to fail and fail and fail again. And probably the only way to play with Stella is with a lot of failure. So every time you fail a test you will take 1 horror. Still it isn't a direct horror but if you don't get rid of this card you probably don't enjoy playing with Stella. Pay the 2 actions fast and hope for the best that you draw this card early game. 


One little side note for the event cards of this amazing deck is that every event card is FAST, so you don't lose any action points to play these cards!

Dump luck / FAST, cost 2 and you play this card when you fail a evade test with 2 or less you can put the non elite enemy back on top of the encounter deck! So you know what's coming next. You also can buff up your evade attempt by committing this card to a skill test. 


Live and learn / FAST, its a free try again. After you fail a test you can play this card for free and give it another try with +2 for the skill test. Let to be know that you still lose all the skill cards that you committed and you must first resolve a the bad stuff from the test before!


Look what I found / One of the best events of this class. FAST, play when you fail a test with 2 or less and discover 2 clues at your location. This is card is holy sh*t ! It cleared many, many locations for us in every play session where we are a survivor class. You can easily say 2 resource for 2 clues! A must include in every survivor deck!


Oops / FAST, play when you lose at a fighting test by 2 or less. It's a win/win if there are 2 enemies at that location. If you fail to kill your enemy then play this card and hurt the enemy at the same location. You can support other players as well as long as they are ad the same location. 


A test of will / FAST, for 1 resource you can stop a treachery card from doing harm to you! Test 3 willpower and cancel the effects on the treachery card! There are other cards that do a better job but not for the survivor class. Stop encounter treacheries!


Grit your teeth / FAST, pay 1 resource and if you fail a test you can buff up all your skills with +1 for the remainder of the round! You probably not gonna use this card a lot but its a buff!


Will to survive / A really expensive card. For 4 resource you won't have to draw a chaos token from the back. It's the first card you will have to drop if you gonna upgrade your deck. It comes with 2 skill icons and thats a better use then for the real purpose of the card. 


The assets or many other cards for the survivor class are mostly cheap. The average resource cost is 2. The assets are not cards that you will commit to any skill test. But you can do it in very extreme situations. 


Scrapper / We all now are thoughts of a talent card. Plain and simple for 2 resources you put this card into play and for every resource you pay you can buff up your skill test. You can choose for a +1 fight or evade skill. 


Rabbit's Foot / A card thats unmissable for every survivor class deck you gonna build. A lucky charm! It cost you only 1 resource and if you should fail a skill test you can exhaust this rabbits foot to draw 1 card!


Mysterious Raven / A new card that comes with this packages is the raven. For 1 resource you will have a steady ally. He can protect you Fromm getting horror or you can discard the raven and find a clue on your location. This card is really good, some of you will underestimate this card. Let it the simple 1 resource for 1 clue! Thats a great deal. And you don't have to use it right away. You can still defend with the raven. 


Old Keying / Also a new card, the keychain comes into play for 1 resource and with 2 keys. These are no secrets or ammo so there are no cards that can refill it. Thats way there is the tekst after there are no keys on the card discard it. Because its a powerful card for the survivor class. Take an action investigation your location gets -2 shroud and if you succeed you will lose a key. Otherwise you will keep the key. So you can lower a shroud of a location and still fail. Some mechanics will need to fail with 2 or less. With this card you can predict the outcome a little better. 


Granny Orne / Granny will give you a +1 willpower and if you fail a test you can exhausted her and lose with 1 more or 1 less. With granny on the table you get a little help in failing the good way. But granny isn't a cheapskate she only comes out for 4 resources. A big price for an ally, but she has a stat of 1/3 that can soak up a little horror. 


Grimm's Fairy tales / One of the few healing cards that a survivor can bring. But with Stella abilty you can heal herself. This card can help you and other players! She comes into play for 2 resources and with 4 secrets. After a investigator at your location fails a test with 2 or higher you can use a secret to heal 1 horror. 


.18 Derringer / Every letter carrier needs a weapon to defend of some mean dogs. Stella has her Derringer. For 3 resources you can at the gun to the table and comes into play with 2 ammo. 2 ammo is a little short won't you think? But if you fail the attack you put a ammo on the card. Failing is the answer to everything. You can even fail an attack and discover a clue at your location. So a free clue and a free ammo! Don't forget that! The attacks will grant you with +2 fight skill and will deal +1 extra damage. 


Take heart


A nice skill card thats probably ending up in every survivor deck you gonna build. You only can commit one card per skill test but if you fail you can draw 2 cards and gain 2 resources. Its a huge bonus for failing and thats what Stella does best! 


In our first deck testing deck we gonna learn you a real nice combo with take heart. 

upgrade cards

event (upgrade)

A test of will / A one use card. EXILE, it will cost you 2 exp for the purchases. The effects are the same only the willpower test is for the exile effect. If you fail exile it otherwise you can keep it. You can commit this card for +1 willpower. 


Dump luck / The same as the older version. Only this time it's a fail of 3 or less. You get 3 skill icons if you want to commit this card to a test. 2 evade and 1 willpower. The resource cost is the same. 


Look what I found / The resource cost is the same, only you have to pay 2 exp to ad it to your deck. It will come with an extra skill icon if you want to commit it to a skill test. 2 intellect and 1 evade. The card does the same trick the only difference is the fact that it will work by 3 or less and you can grab clues from a connecting location. 


Lucky / We all now lucky! But this card cost you 3 exp and its FAST and free to play after failing a test. You will get +3 for the skill test and you may draw a card. 



is a new rule that was introduced with The Dunwich Legacy cycle.


Some cards must be exiled when they are used, unlike discarding a card they leave the investigator's deck entirely. This means during a campaign an exiled card would need to be repurchased between scenarios with experience points if the player wished to return the card to their deck.


If exiling resulted in the investigator's deck being below the legal size the player must purchase cards to bring their deck back to the required deck size. In this case they may purchase level 0 cards at a cost of 0 experience until they reach the legal deck size.

assets (upgrade)

Deja Vu / We already talked you about exile (read above) This card is a PERMANENT card and can be bought for 5 exp. Between the scenario's you can reduce the cost of repurchase exile cards up to 3 by the cost of 1 exp. So for example if you lost A test of will, you can buy it again for just 1 exp instead of 2 exp. It's an expensive card. We never bought this card. 


Granny Orne / The tekst is a little different but the mechanic is the same. After failing a test exhausted granny and get +1 or -1 for the skill test. It's the same as less or more. But granny will grant you with a +1 intellect for clue gathering. She still cost 4 resources and her stats are the same. It will cost you 3 exp for 1 extra intellect. Expensive for your hard earned exp. 


Quick learner / A boost of failure. Its also a PERMANENT and if its your first action the skill test you are taking gets +1 difficulty and if its your 3 action it will grant you with a -1. Its a great way of losing the first action and a great way of winning ad your last action. But is one of those cards you shouldn't buy. 


Cherished keepsake / Its TEDDY! For 1 exp you can buy this teddy bear and it's free to play. A Hugh bonus with his 4 sanity. If you don't destroy this sweet little teddy bear you won't have to exile it and you have a great ally! One of the first purchase you will need to get. 


Leather coat / The same goes for your leather coat. Every letter carrier needs a sturdy coat. Instead of teddy's 4 sanity you will get 4 health. It also has EXILE so watch out!


.18 Derringer / For 1 resource less you can play this weapon. If you had bought it for the exp cost that is. It will comes into play with 3 ammo instead of 2 and has a little bonus. If you fail the fight test place 1 ammo on the Derringer and the next time you will use this weapon you will get +1 extra fight skill. 


Chainsaw / Hack and slash! This weapon is brute! You can got in half your enemies. Cost 4 resources and 4 exp. You need your 2 hand slots to hold this weapon. You will lose every other weapon you hold. Comes in play with 3 supplies. You will get +2 fight skill and do +2 damage. If you fail the attack you either can get 1 extra supply or deal +1 damage to the defending enemy. 

skill (upgrade)

Unexpected Courage


You all know the colourless Courage from the core set. But this one is especially made for the Stella's Clark expansion deck. You can only commit 1 to each skill test and you wil get 2 ? icons. If the test fails you can put the Unexpected courage back into your hand. 

Thanks for reading this review! We have a special announcement for Stella, because we love playing with this Investigator we want to do something different with Stella. We notice a deck from arkhamDB that really really awesome. So instead of dropping our own creation of Stella we gonna drop a Deck testing review! Stay tuned....


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