agents of cthulhu

Lets us introduce you with these CTHULHU mythos cards and what to expect from these two nasty cards. 


Set Size / 4 cards. 

Number of unique cards / 2

Threat level / Medium

Traits / Humanoid - Monster - Deep one - Omen. 

Cards / Enemy - Treachery with skill test. 

The role of the set / Willpower loss - Skill test - Sanity loss. 

Young Deep One


Traits: Humanoid / Monster / Deep one. 


This monster has an average stat grade. What you already know is that 3 is an average that you encounter. This also applies to skill tests. Everything below is easy and everything above is hard. Let's just say that if you get hold of this kind of monster at the beginning, you will be faced with a challenge.


Prey: if this monster drops at a location with more then one investigator it will engage with the one that has the lowest fight skill. So if you are a seeker you already know its to late. 


His Forced effect engage with an investigator you will suffer 1 horror. 


The damage that will be dealt by this monster is 1 damage and 1 horror. So the damage you will take is not that bad. 


PRO TIP: If you don't have weapons or spells it will take you 3 actions to kill the monster. If you lose one of those skill test it wil take up for a second turn. So only engage this enemy if you have a weapon or spell. If you don't have such a thing them use your last action to evade this monster to life another turn. 

Dreams of R'Iyeh


Trait: Omen.

Revelation: Means that this effect will automatically triggers right away. 


You get -1 willpower and -1 sanity. No you don't get 1 horror, but your total sanity decreases so you can absorb less horror. You can get rid of these gains by performing a skill test. This test will cost you an action. You test 3 willpower and if you pass the test you are freed from this card. The only downside is that you already get -1 willpower from this card. So you will have to come up with enough cards that have a willpower icon to survive the test.


PRO TIP: If you play with a Mystic class, you have the best chance of success. This is because Mystic investigators have the highest starting score with willpower.