Agnes Baker - the waitress

Agnes Baker, the servant. The first investigator of the Mystic class.

In a previous life, in a time and time that you could not dream of in the modern world, she had been a powerful witch. It started when she found a strange artifact (a kind of key) in a dusty collection of family belongings in her attic. When she touched it, the memories came back, along with one word: 'Hyperborea'. The more she immersed herself in the visions and memories of her past life, the stronger her powers became ... and the more scared she became.


Her stats 5/2/2/3 make her the ultimate mystic starter of the core set. She has to rely on her willpower. You will often use this to avoid treachery cards and it is more often used for combat in this class. She is very good with spells and incantations.


Her Ability is a cool response. If Agnes takes horror damage, she may do 1 damage to an enemy at her location.


Her Super ster ability is an easy one, but don't forget one that can easily win a Skill test. You get +1 for every horror on Agnes.

special card

Her special card makes this Mystical Agnes even smarter. The key she found in the attic has a reaction. Every time she plays a spell she can take an extra card. With the Mystic class based on spells you can draw a lot of extra cards in your playing session. You are 3 resources further and it costs you a slot, but then you also have something in return.


Like any investigator, Agnes also has a weak card. This card ends up in your hand and you must play it otherwise you will take 2 horror damage.


PRO TIP: It's okay to draw this card in the beginning. Then take those 2 damage calmly, because the more horror Agnes has, the stronger she becomes.


If you decide to play this card, it will cost you 2 resources and you have to place 1 doom token. Please note that this doom token can cause the agenda to flip. So there is no waiting for the Mythos phase.