Dark cult

Set Size /  6 cards. 

Number of unique cards / 3 cards. 

Threat level / High. 

Traits / Humanoid - Cultist - Hex.

Cards /  Enemies - Treachery. 

The role of the set / Placing doom!



Trait: Humanoid - Cultist. 

Spawn: Any empty location. 

Forced: If this cards enters play at one doom on it. 


Ok you now all about the doom tokens and how bad these tokens our for your gameplay. So get rid of this card as soon as possible. 


Its stats are pretty easy to handle. Even without a weapon just punch it with your bare hands and that will do the trick. The only thing is the fight stats. Its a 3 what is normaal but if you are a seeker it may be a challenge. If it his turn to hit you it won't kill you. It will only deal 1 damage. 

Wizard of the Order


Trait: Humanoid - Cultist. 

Spawn: Empty location. 

Forced: At the end of the mythos phase place a doom token on the wizard. 


This is a higher Cultist in ranks. You will need to hit it harder and faster, because every mythos phase this Wizard wil gain one extra doom. It has 2 health so you need either kill it with a weapon or punch it 2 times. His fight skill of 4 is high and you will need fight icons to make a decent skill test. It has the keyword retaliate so don't miss your shot. Ok its a human and it won't hurt you much but its a damage you will get from it. 

Mysterious Chanting


Trait: Hex.

Revelation: Place 2 doom on the nearest cultist. 


The rules are simple for this encounter set. It will bring a lot of doom on the table. You will need to destroy all cultist enemies as fast as possible. But then you have this chanting card, you will need to put 2 doom on the nearest cultist. If there is no cultist in play you will need to find one in the encounter deck or in your discard pile. And there you go again only this time the cultist like acolyte has 3 doom on it.