the talents of JB

We all know Jenny "campaign-breaker" Barnes deck. This one is a little different. There are some cards added or removed. The strategy is the same. Buff up the overal score using talent cards. You know we are not fond of talent card that you have to pay to buff up your stats. But with Jenny thats different. She gains a lot of resources and especially with Lone wolf on the table your are almost invincible. You easily get 3 resource per round with no strings attached. Also Leo De Luca is crucial for this deck. You can pay for hem much easier then other Investigators and when you do you will have a extra action each round. So more money and more actions. That a crucial thing in Arkham horror. You can use your Arcane studies to buff up your investigation round and find clues. Its a real awesome deck te play with! Try it and you know what we are talking about.