Dw - survivor class

Pete and his loyal dog Duke, is one of the fun ones to play with. Especially when Duke is around. This loyal dog is very handy but don't let us get drifted for the reason you are here. If you want to know more about Ashcan Pete and his dog just read the card review. 


Ashcan Pete card review. 

Duke the loyal hound, this doggy dog will follow you every where. And it is what makes Pete a great investigator. Duke comes into play right when you start your scenario. You can use Duke to find clues with a base value of 4 and you will get a free move action to a connecting location. So if it's the last clue you probably want to move. Also you can fight off the batties with a base fight skill of 4. 

The bite of Duke is harsh and you can deal 1 extra damage. 


Duke makes it a lot of fun to play with Pete! And the best thing is that it's already in play from the beginning so make use of Duke while you can! Later in game you probably won't use him because then your board state is better of without Duke how sad it may sounds, bit its still Arkham horror and casualties are inevitable.  

Fire axe, one of the first cards we want to test out in a survivor deck. This card deals 1 extra damage if you don't have any resources in play. Ok let's be honest. Not the best weapon among the survivors. But still you can buff up your fight skill with +2 if you are spending a resource. It's a fun card to use in a themed deck. 



Order of the black lotus value: 2/5 points. There are better ways to slain enemies with the survivor class. But hey! if you want to try every card in the game this is one to start with. 

Peter Sylvestre, a self healing ally! With Peter you will get +1 agility and after your turn ends he will heals 1 horror. The cost of 3 resources is average for an ally type card. 


Peter can soak every round 1 horror for you and that is a good way to start in Arkham horror the card game. Especially when you playing a survivor class. Survivors are the players how will live on the edge! They make to must unsafe skill test in order to survive. Mainly because the survivor class has cards that benefit of failing. 



Order of the black lotus value: 3/5 points. With a self healing ally in play you can make bigger risk skill tests. Also you get a bonus in agility and thats a good thing to get out of really bad situations. 

Bait and switch, or what we called it " The push back card" for 1 resource you can start an evade skill test and when you succeed then the non-elite enemy is pushed back to a connecting location. It's a fun combo if you play with a guardian class. 


Take Zoey and her cross for an example. You push the enemy towards Zoey and next round she will get a free resource and can make an attack with her cross for 1 damage. It's a fun way this interact with each other. 



Order of the black lotus value: 2/5 points. It's an ok card and you can push back enemies and monsters. A little combo with a guardian class player because they need to defeat monster to get extra bonuses. But there are better cards for evading. 

The updated Peter, it will cost you 2 exp and the only thing you will get is a +1 willpower. For the rest is still the same Peter. 




Order of the black lotus value: 3/5 points. It's a good ally for a survivor class. Especially in the beginning of the card pool. But you will have to take this updated version later on in the cycle and only if you have exp left. It's was a 4/5 if its cost has dropped with 1 but thats not the case. 

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