Set Size /  3 cards. 

Number of unique cards / 1 card. 

Threat level / low. 

Traits / Creature. 

Cards /  Enemy. 

The role of the set / Mostly your first enemy encounter in your early years of the game. Its a love at first side moment you will never forget these lovely low lvl rats. 

Swarm of rats


Hunter (every time the enemy phase starts it will move one location closer to the nearest investigator). 


Its stats makes you wanna kill it at punch number one. Its probably  your first enemy you will encounter and you want to kill your first swarm of rats YEAH! Now lets make this clear to every new player. Don't make a fuss about it just swing your fist! Don't evade it just swing! 


The rats an there own can hurt you for 1 damage, but it will never come to that point. Just swing.