Harvey Walters - the professor

"Exactly what are we looking for?" Jacqueline asked, staring at the endless amount of books and treatises that filled the shelves of the Orne Library.

Harvey shook his head and scowled at her. "If I knew that, I wouldn't have asked you for help." Harvey Walters was a professor of history and archaeology, an expert on ancient relics and extinct languages. But his true calling was the occult. While many of his colleagues questioned the skills of a so-called medium, he knew better. Doubts were dangerous. "Very few know that the Necronomicon was sent here. A good friend from Tromsø in Norway and maybe one or two of his acquaintances, but no more. Whoever may have stolen it must be well connected in Arkham and must also know of the book's intrinsic value.”

There were not many who were familiar with Abdul Alhazred's work. The mafia wouldn't have bothered to make the faithful transcript that Harvey had received in the mail. Whoever had stolen the real edition must have known about the kind of secrets the book held. Harvey shuddered as he considered what a misguided scholar could possibly accomplish with the knowledge contained in the dangerous tome.

Harvey's companion closed her eyes and began sensing the air around her as if she were playing an invisible instrument. "I see... a symbol. A circle – no, many circles… and shapes impossible to describe.” Her fingers trembled as the vision overcame her.

"That sounds a lot like an etching by Abdul Alhazred," the professor suggested, deep in thought. Approaching a towering, cluttered bookcase at the end of the hall, he ran wrinkled fingers over the covers of the heavy books until he paused on one book and pulled it out: it was a treatise on many of the secret religious sects of ancient Egypt. “Alhazred had many followers. Some of them founded cults based on his works. Dangerous cults.” He selected more books and stacked them on a nearby table. "It looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me."




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2x  Encyclopedia

Harvey is an educated seeker who is excellent at drawing cards and knows how to capitalize on his many cards in hand. To get the most out of Harvey, you should always have as many cards in hand as possible (preferably 10 or more). Well of Lore and Lab Assistant are two cards that

you should have in your starting hand, as both allow you to draw cards and increase your hand size at the same time. If you don't have either of those cards and you don't have the Strange Drawings event card, you should use your basic action “Draw Cards” to expand your hand (don't forget to use Harvey's ability to draw 1 extra card every turn). .

The many cards in your hand allow you to do several things. You can discover 2 clues at your location with Extensive Research, translate the Forbidden Book or with the Celaeno Fragments +1 Willpower and

Get +2 Intellect! In addition to drawing cards, Harvey is also particularly good at spotting clues. With his impressive intellect and cards like Deduction and Extensive Research, he can get clues particularly efficiently.

Harvey's low Combat and Agility stats make it particularly difficult for him to deal with opponents. To make up for his greatest weakness, he likes to rely on other investigators to take care of enemies for him. This makes him a challenge for solo play until he earns his first experience points. Disc of Itzamna and Occult Invocation can help out until then. Another option is to contribute cards from your hand to important skill tests. In multiplayer, Harvey and Nathaniel Cho make a great duo, as each is particularly good at compensating for the other's weaknesses.