Hideous Abominations

Conglomeration of Spheres


Prey on the lowest willpower. Seeking for the weak!

It's a hunter so every enemy phase he will hunt you down and comes one location closer. 


If you use a weapon asset to fight of this monster you will lose that card. So fight with your bare hands. But thats probably not a really good choice because of his huge health stat. 1/6/4 this one can be fight off with your hands because of his low fight skill but still it's 6 health gonna be a big problem. You will need 2 turns to kill it and it hasn't even a victory point so don't waste your time. The only thing is to evade it, but 4 evade skill is really high. So our tip is one of you should be killing this madness. It will deal 1 damage and one horror so better get going. 

Servant of the Lurker


Prey on the lowest evade skill, get them when they are slow. 

It's also a hunter


If this Servant attacks you, you must discard the top 2 cards of your deck. It has an insane attack, 2 damage and 2 horror. You don't want to mess around with this fella. His stats are also high. What we talked about in the "the house always wins" scenario you must stay away from these f*ckers. 4/5/2 the best strategy is to simply evade this one.