dw - guardian class

Zoey samaras AKA the well know stabbing chef. This investigator is a well know character of this fantastic game! We don't gonna handle this cards but feel free to hit the link below for more information.


Zoey investigator card review.



Blackjack, a little police bat. 


For only 1 resource you will get a minus bonus. The bonus is just +1 fight skill and you won't even deal extra damage. But because this is a coop game and if you fight monster and enemies that aren't engaged with you this little bat can protect your fellow players. 


Because of the normal rule: If you miss an attack an an enemy that is not engage with you, that damage will be done to the investigator that is engaged with the enemy. But with this blackjack you won't hurt your fellow players. 


Order of the black lotus value: 2/5 points. There are a lot of other better cards to put in your deck. 

Taunt, another example why the guardian is the protector of the group. Not only have they healing cards but also the are the tanks of the bunch. With Taunt you can engage any enemy at your location and it's a FAST action so it won't cost you anything. Normally if you want to engage an enemy engaged with another player it will cost you an action. Now it doesn't. The cost is only 1 resource. And with Roland banks and Zoey who are brilliant in defeating enemies and get extra bonuses like resources and extra clues this is a card we would use in one of those decks. 



Order of the black lotus value: 3/5 points. A must for a Roland or Zoey deck!



Teamwork, what we already told you. The guardian class is made for teamwork we mean literally teamwork between you and your friends. With a zero cost and only an action to spend you can swap cards like items and ally's among each other. If a seeker needs a gun or a weapon to defend itself and you are ad the same location teamwork will provide you with just that. 





Order of the black lotus value: 3/5 points. In a normal play trough we managed with out this card. Especially with the card pool thats around these days. But in the old days of playing this game this was a card that comes handy in many occasions. 

An upgraded Taunt, plain and simple. For every enemy engaged this way draw a card. A simple trick for card draw among the guardian class. But a waist of the 2 exp. 




Order of the black lotus value: 2/5 points. A great way for card draw and like the normal version a good card for Roland and Zoe. But seriously a waist of the 2 exp. 

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