Jenny Barnes - the dilettante

Jenny Barnes has spent most of her young life pursuing comfort, good food and the latest fashion. That all changed when she received a letter from her sister, Isabelle. In this letter, Isabelle confessed that mysterious forces were approaching her and that she feared she would fall victim to some paranormal threat. It was the last letter Jenny received from her beloved sister. Jenny has since returned to the United States to track down and investigate every occult event she can find. Hardly a wilting flower, she has proven herself to be a top performer and a fearless and astute explorer of the unknown. Until Isabelle's disappearance is explained, Jenny will never give in to her search.


Jenny is the only Investigator how has equally stats. 3/3/3/3. But what makes Jenny so special is the fact that she gets 1 extra resource every upkeep. That means that you can play a lot of high cost weapons. Took a look at the following cards. You can play high cost cards that probably other Investigators can't play or wouldn't play. Leo De Luca, Arcane Studies and off course Hard knocks. Yes you read that right Arcane studies. Jenny can play up to 5 cards from any class. 

Thats what makes Jenny a strong and reliable Investigator to play with. And it is real fun. You also can play Bandolier from the guardian class and pomp your deck with guns! Because you have the resources why don't use them on guns!


Jenny has also a amazing health/sanity ratio. 8 health and 7 sanity so she can take a few punishes. Also you can take more risk at certain skill test because of that. 

Before you guys or girls will react on Hard knocks and Arcane studies, yes it's correct we don't like talent cards. Because they are expensive to use and with others decks is best to use those slots for other cards. But with Jenny the story is different, she gets a lot of resources and you definitely need these talent cards to improve your play style. Also you can include Keen eye for fighting and Burglary for gaining extra resources. Let's take a look at our deck "The talents of JB".


Her super star ability is also a winner. You will get +1 for every resource you have. And with every round you will get +2 resources so its probably a automatic win. 

Jenny's Twin .45s


The rules are simple, only play this card with a huge amount of cash. The more you pay the more ammo you will get. And with Barnes you will have not such a thing as low money or income. So pay up and you will be save for a few rounds. 


You will carry the guns with both your hands. So you will have no empty slots after playing this card. The guns will give you a fight action and +2 fight skill for the attempt. If you manage to succeed then this attack will deal +1 extra damage. So if you buy this card with 6 resource you will gain 6 shots! That really amazing!

Searching for Izzie


This is one of the finest weakness you will get. When you draw Izzie law her as for from you as you can on a location. The we will need to get to her before the game ends. If you do then make a investigation check and if you succeed then you can discard Izzie. Bud you will have to pay 2 actions to make the check and the shroud value is that of the location where Izzie is. When you failed to clear Izzie from the board and your game ends you will suffer a Mental trauma. Use your arcane studies to buff up your investigation skill test and you probably win!