The expansion investigator's

In this chapter we discuss the Expansion starter decks. This is a new concept within the franchise. You can approach each scenario in different ways. Let alone that every scenario has multiple endings. This all has to do with your playing style. Your fellow players can also throw a spanner in the works if they fail a certain skill test or make other choices that you would rather have done differently. This is what makes this game so diverse. Now, however, everything depends on which investigator you are going to play a scenario with. You will have a different experience every time. The scenario may be the same, but with a wide choice of investigators you have a completely different playing experience. Every time you pick up the game again with a different investigator, you will face different obstacles. That is why they have decided to bring exclusive starter decks to the market to make your playing experience even more diverse.

The starter decks

These are the first decks you can get. You can get one of each class. Each class comes with its own investigator. The decks are equipped with 30 + 2 weakness cards and of course the special card of the investigator. To make it even more fun, there are also upgrade cards in every expansion. This way you can play an entire campaign without even having to start your own collection. This means buy a starter deck and join your friends and play right away. These are the following starter decks that you can buy.