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the miskatonic museum strategy guide

It all began when a man named Wilbur Whateley entered the Orne Library looking for Olaus Wormius’s Latin translation of a book called the Necronomicon. Wilbur already possessed a beaten-up English translation by Dr. John Dee, but it was insufficient for his purposes. Armitage turned the man away, fearing what use the strange man had for the book. Whateley returned in secret, hoping to steal the book , but was attacked by a hound guarding the university..... or was it?


This new guide will help you to understand the scenario "The Miskatonic museum". You are going to investigate in this creepy museum but you are not alone and there is something lurking in the Void. This 3 scenario of the Dunwich legacy comes with a new mechanic. For more info read the article. The story continues....

kymani Jones - the naughty kid of "indiana jones"




A Little A Head of Time, But You Will Have To Play Own Creation of Kymani. We already played so many scenarios with this and its really amazing! Playing around with items and tools and have a shit load of resources! Check it out! Build it play play it!

fast encounter short cuts

Dear readers! A little new thing we added at the Dunwich legacy strategy guides are these awesome quick encounter short cuts (in the beginning of the article by the setup). So when you are playing the scenario and reading along with the scenario strategy guide you can get an easy excess to these encounter cards so you can plan your next move even better. It will not tell you what card you gonna draw from the encounter deck but it's more of a heads up. 

the house always wins strategy guide

The long long awaiting next chapter of the Dunwich cycle is now online in this new full strategy guide of The house always wins! Dr. Morgan was last seen gambling in this underground casino/bar. Run by thugs and other enemies you don't won't to cross. But there is a nasty atmosphere hanging around in this club but you couldn't figure out what it is. 


The house always wins is one of those scenario's you you will play twice! This is because of the choices you will have to make before even dropping cards on the table. Hit the link and learn more about this freaking awesome new scenario. 

first encounter sets of the dunwich legacy

With the new scenario strategy guide "The house always wins" comes a hole new shabam of encounter cards. We now put these encounter cards in a new sleeve. So they won't be handled in the strategy guide because the readings became to long. You now can excess them in the encounter sets chapter


We spent some time designing the new encounter chapter and it didn't escape our notice that we hadn't yet put the encounter cards online from the first scenario of the Dunwich legacy cycle! But here are the full encounter cards from the first scenario.

stella clark - starter deck

Stella Clark, one of our favourite investigator to play with. The starter deck that we bought last unfortunately. This one is the first of the 5 starters you will have to get! It's amazing to fail and feel good about it. The most survivor class players know how to fail and make it an opportunity to still win, but with Stella this mechanism is really good. Check out the starter deck!

stella clark - the letter carrier card review

Hallo world and a happy eastern to you all! We have a little surprise for you! We finished and posted the Stella Clark card review! So if you are bored with your family just read the article and dream that you are playing Arkham horror! Hit the link for the full article!


Before Stella began working for the postal service in Arkham, she knew two things with certainty. First, her parents made a mistake when they called her their son and gave her a boy's name. Second, the house on the cliff in Kingsport whispered her true name - the name she chose for herself - late at night: "Stella."  

In Arkham there is a small group of investigators who are a special kind of people! They called them selfs the Order of the Black lotus. Stay tuned for the next blog with more info.......

the new blog is live! find out more

We are growing and growing, but ad some point we need a little help! Read the new blog!

deck testing reviews! read the new blog!

The world of Arkham horror the card game is big! With a massive card pool you can build the most wonderful masterpieces! But every one can build a deck, copy paste and wala bam! You build (or copied) your own, but can you handle the heat. We all read the most awesome flavour tekst and analysis of a deck, but you need to play with them. You even can tweak it a little to make it more your play style. In this new chapter we gonna pick out some of these decks and play them Dutch blogger style! We wright a full article about our findings! 


If you have one in mind or you want us to review a special kind of deck. Please let us know trough our instagram page or email your deck directly to us. 


With each chapter our work becomes more alive! We want to make the biggest website for this amazing game!


the all new arkham archives are open now!

Don't miss out anything we drop on this amazing website! For some players that are hardcore there is still stuff you can learn or somethings you will forgot like overlooked cards or combo's! If you have the whole card pool and beyond there is a small closet in your house thats dripping of magic and story telling! Don't hesitate and build a new deck and start your adventure! Check out the all new chapter of the archives and don't miss a thing. 

Jacqueline fine starter deck

Dreams and premonitions were often one and the same for Jacqueline. She always had trouble distinguishing between the two. She was haunted by dark futures. With the help of these omens, she could see the narrow paths that could prevent disasters from happening. Often enough, however, such paths also led to mortal perils...or worse.....


With that all said you probably already played a ton with this new investigator. But if you lost your rule sheet here's the starter deck of Jacqueline


YEAH! We dropped a new full article for the new Investigator expansion packs. This time it's Jacqueline time! It's a really fun character to play with. Lot off spells and a lot of token control. 


Blood. Fire. Destruction. Every night, Jacqueline's dreams are filled with things that have not yet come to pass. At first, she thought of these dreams as a terrible curse. But is it???


Check out the article to learn everything about this new Mystic character! Hit the link you Mystic fanatics!

winifred habbamock card review

We've finished the full article of Winifred Habbamock or Wini how her friends call her. In this article you will learn the basic rule of this expansion pack and all the cards that came with it. 


The expansion investigator packs are build in a way that its a ready to go. They even come with upgrade cards so you and your friends can play a hole cycle just with these cards! Learn more by clicking the link and have a blast with the reading experience. 

Winifred habbamock - The aviatrix starter deck

Yesterday we posted a full new article of Winifred Habbamock! But you probably want to know what the starter deck looks like! 
Today we posted the starter deck of Wini, if you want to play with Wini and want to know the deck. Click on the link and let’s go building!

jenny barnes - the dilettante card review

Jenny Barnes has spent the majority of her young life in pursuit of creature comforts, fine dining, and the latest fashions. That all changed when she received a letter from her sister, Isabelle. In this letter, Isabelle confessed that mysterious forces were aligning against her and that she feared she may fall victim to some paranormal threat. It was the last letter Jenny received from her beloved sister. Jenny has since returned to the States to track down and investigate all occult occurrences she can find. Hardly a wilting flower, she has proven herself a crack shot as well as a fearless and clever investigator of the unknown. Until Isabelle's disappearance is explained, Jenny will never relent in her search. 


She's also a really amazing Investigator to play with! Check out our new article all about Jenny Barnes.

Ceck out this amazing new deck!

With a new article all about Jenny and why you want to play with here there are a ton of reasons, but the one that will pull you out of your chair and want to make a new deck and want to play Arkham horror is probably this new deck! Its really an oldtimer but it will get the job done and it will bring new joy of playing this card game. Check out our creation of THE TALENTS OF JB. 

rex murphy - the reporter card review

When disaster strikes, Rex Murphy is usually on hand, suffering the consequences. After spending a day with Rex, even the most hardened skeptic will concede that the man is cursed. Anytime he had a lead on a good story, something would go wrong. That business in Innsmouth with the photographs that had blown out to sea. The tracks in Dunwich that had washed away in the rain just before he'd brought the sheriff. His terrible fortune has more than once exposed him to gruesome beasts and occult conspiracies. To survive, Rex has developed an inquisitive mind, keeping one step ahead of the next disaster.

We posted a full article of Rex. Check out his card review and make you game sessions for the Dunwich Legacy a little bid easier. 

jim culver - the musician card review

Jazz has been nothing but trouble for Jim since the day he picked up his daddy's trumpet. There was something weird and otherworldly about the writing on the inside of the bell, but the tones from it were smooth and dark, like good coffee. That trumpet landed Jim a lot of gigs until the time it made Widow Jenkins get up and dance, the day he played at her funeral.

Yes we posted a new article all about our Boy Jazz Wonder Jim Culver. Do you want a stable and fun playable mystic character.? Our you want to test your luck with his awesome ability to manipulate the chaos bag? Then check out Jim Culver card review



We dropped the first chapter of your first expansion story of this awesome game! You will meet cool new characters and discover other mechanics with this expansion. Also the story enfolds and grabs your attention from the moment you begin to play. There are tons of new enemies and monsters you will have to face. But the story starts here and if you want to be prepared then hit the link

A brand new deep dive article is waiting for you. This time we take you to the world of the Seeker class. This class specializes in finding clues. These investigators go further and deeper than the rest of the classes. They imagine themselves searching through the dark for the next clue. Where we all say in a horror like situation YOU SHOULD NOT ENTER THERE. These investigators will go and that makes playing with this class so much fun. They will do anything for an extra clue.

Read further for more information on the card review!

blog nr. 11 - How we organise our cards

Today we are going to talk about what we all run into with a collecting or LCG card game. That, of course, is organizing your cards. This is the most work when it comes to an LCG. You have to be able to grab your cards quickly when it comes to building decks or even upgrading your deck between scenarios....


Here's the tricky part of a LCG game! Learn what we learned and how we organise our stuff. This was the most asked topic so where we go! Read the New Blog. 

We unleashed the fury! New chapter encounter sets

You all know the icons and you probably can dream the encounter sets of the core set. But we dive deeper in the cards and we almost can rep up the Core set! We finished the analyse and guides for the scenario's. We make a investigator chapter for the characters that come with the Night of the Zealot and now we bring our new chapter ENCOUNTER SETS. Hit the link if you are ready! Still to come are the last deep dives of the other classes. Stay tuned!

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