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We fixed some issues on our webpage. Some of you couldn't find some specific encounter cards and there was the issue of not loading the images correctly. Also the community was a little sad that there was a time in the past month that the webpages totally vanished or the site wasn't reachable. This past week we all worked hard to make these fixes disappear.  We now can say to you fellow investigators that all these problems are fixed and we are back on track!

future planning

Here is a little list of the upcoming new articles this month!

  • The miskatonic museum encounter cards. 
  • The Essex county express encounter cards. 
  • The blood on the Altar strategy guide. 

In the world of Arkham Horror, the Rogue class emerges as a captivating force, navigating the blurred lines between legality and cunning tactics. Adventurers who embrace the Rogue's path find themselves entangled in a web of risk and reward, where calculated gambles can tip the scales in their favour. We have a new card review article for you thats based on the Roque card from the Dunwich legacy cycle! Hit the link. 

The Mystic class is an enigmatic and awe-inspiring addition to the game. With its mystical powers, the Mystic class delivers a truly captivating gameplay experience. From wielding powerful spells to manipulating of the Chaos bag, Mystics offer a unique and engaging playstyle that keeps players on the edge of their seats. Unleash your inner sorcerer and embrace the unknown as you delve into the haunting mysteries of the Mystic class. Read the article of the Dunwich set.

blog nr.14 - meet the team!

Survivors! Welcome to the Dutch Blogger Company, your ultimate destination for immersive experiences in LCG card games and a variety of board games (work in progress). We are thrilled to introduce ourselves and extend a warm invitation to all gaming enthusiasts out there. Let's embark on this exciting journey together as we dive into the thrilling worlds of gaming. As we grow, we recognize that with expansion comes increased responsibilities. We're eager to take on these challenges as they... read the blog if you want to know more about us. 

Meet abigail

The addition of Abigail to our team has been a momentous occasion. Her writing talent, passion for gaming, and dedication make her a shining star in our ever-expanding universe of exploration and discovery.


We invite you to join us in welcoming Abigail, and together, let's embark on countless adventures in the captivating worlds of games and imagination.


Check out here first very own card review of the Seeker class of The Dunwich Legacy!


Happy gaming!

The dunwich legacy card review

The train is rolling on and that means we are heading for the first card reviews of The Dunwich legacy cycle

The first two classes are now available for you to read and explore!

The dunwich legacy - guardian class

This is one of the first classes you can read of The Dunwich legacy cycle. This review will contain one of the web most favourite investigators deck "The stabbing Chef" also this famous deck is one of the decks we played for a long time. But it also came with other Guardian class cards. Take a look at the new review

The dunwich legacy - survivor class

This second class is non the less the Survivor class. A class that's a master in failure and losses. For the beginners it's a class that is very nice to play with, because the first times you played Arkham horror you will fail! Read the fully new article here. 

the miskatonic museum encounter set

Nothing can slain this magical monster! If you defeated it will go to the void. A fast emptiness, dark and cold place where monster live. Sometimes there's a little crack that monsters can squish trough to make your life miserable. At night in this museum there's a crack where the hunting horror comes trough. And it's your job to bring back the necronomicon and avoid the Hunting horror. 


Want to know more about the combo's this monster has to offer in "The Miskatonic museum" encounter set? Hit the link and learn more about this beast and other encounter cards from the set!

Extracurricular activity encounter set


This cards was one of our first WOW cards. The first time you playing this game it's all rats and ghouls! And the first real big encounter was still the Ghoul priest. But nothing compares with this experiment monster! Alright the Priest was bad ass, but this was a whole other level of the game. Especially if you know it wanted to eat students for breakfast. 


A better look at the encounter cards from the Extracurricular activity set? Don't wait any longer and dive in this article the learn about "The experiment" and a whole lot other cards from this amazing scenario! Hit the link!

the essex county express strategy guide

Recent events in the Museum have forced you to re-evaluate Armitage’s tale about Dunwich. It cannot be a coincidence—Wilbur Whateley, the Necronomicon, the creature from Dunwich, and the people and creatures who attacked here in Arkham—everything must be connected. You’re certain now where you must head: the lonely and dismal town of Dunwich Village.


You aboard the County express train, just relaxing and read your journal. But suddenly the train stops, people are screaming and you see a massive hole in the sky........


Next in line of the Dunwich cycle is The Essex County Express scenario. 

the miskatonic museum strategy guide

It all began when a man named Wilbur Whateley entered the Orne Library looking for Olaus Wormius’s Latin translation of a book called the Necronomicon. Wilbur already possessed a beaten-up English translation by Dr. John Dee, but it was insufficient for his purposes. Armitage turned the man away, fearing what use the strange man had for the book. Whateley returned in secret, hoping to steal the book , but was attacked by a hound guarding the university..... or was it?


This new guide will help you to understand the scenario "The Miskatonic museum". You are going to investigate in this creepy museum but you are not alone and there is something lurking in the Void. This 3 scenario of the Dunwich legacy comes with a new mechanic. For more info read the article. The story continues....

kymani Jones - the naughty kid of "indiana jones"




A Little A Head of Time, But You Will Have To Play Own Creation of Kymani. We already played so many scenarios with this and its really amazing! Playing around with items and tools and have a shit load of resources! Check it out! Build it play play it!

the house always wins strategy guide

The long long awaiting next chapter of the Dunwich cycle is now online in this new full strategy guide of The house always wins! Dr. Morgan was last seen gambling in this underground casino/bar. Run by thugs and other enemies you don't won't to cross. But there is a nasty atmosphere hanging around in this club but you couldn't figure out what it is. 


The house always wins is one of those scenario's you you will play twice! This is because of the choices you will have to make before even dropping cards on the table. Hit the link and learn more about this freaking awesome new scenario. 

stella clark - starter deck

Stella Clark, one of our favourite investigator to play with. The starter deck that we bought last unfortunately. This one is the first of the 5 starters you will have to get! It's amazing to fail and feel good about it. The most survivor class players know how to fail and make it an opportunity to still win, but with Stella this mechanism is really good. Check out the starter deck!

stella clark - the letter carrier card review

Hallo world and a happy eastern to you all! We have a little surprise for you! We finished and posted the Stella Clark card review! So if you are bored with your family just read the article and dream that you are playing Arkham horror! Hit the link for the full article!


Before Stella began working for the postal service in Arkham, she knew two things with certainty. First, her parents made a mistake when they called her their son and gave her a boy's name. Second, the house on the cliff in Kingsport whispered her true name - the name she chose for herself - late at night: "Stella."  

deck testing reviews! read the new blog!

The world of Arkham horror the card game is big! With a massive card pool you can build the most wonderful masterpieces! But every one can build a deck, copy paste and wala bam! You build (or copied) your own, but can you handle the heat. We all read the most awesome flavour tekst and analysis of a deck, but you need to play with them. You even can tweak it a little to make it more your play style. In this new chapter we gonna pick out some of these decks and play them Dutch blogger style! We wright a full article about our findings! 


If you have one in mind or you want us to review a special kind of deck. Please let us know trough our instagram page or email your deck directly to us. 


With each chapter our work becomes more alive! We want to make the biggest website for this amazing game!


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