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A brand new deep dive article is waiting for you. This time we take you to the world of the Seeker class. This class specializes in finding clues. These investigators go further and deeper than the rest of the classes. They imagine themselves searching through the dark for the next clue. Where we all say in a horror like situation YOU SHOULD NOT ENTER THERE. These investigators will go and that makes playing with this class so much fun. They will do anything for an extra clue.

Read further for more information on the card review!

blog nr. 11 - How we organise our cards

Today we are going to talk about what we all run into with a collecting or LCG card game. That, of course, is organizing your cards. This is the most work when it comes to an LCG. You have to be able to grab your cards quickly when it comes to building decks or even upgrading your deck between scenarios....


Here's the tricky part of a LCG game! Learn what we learned and how we organise our stuff. This was the most asked topic so where we go! Read the New Blog. 

We unleashed the fury! New chapter encounter sets

You all know the icons and you probably can dream the encounter sets of the core set. But we dive deeper in the cards and we almost can rep up the Core set! We finished the analyse and guides for the scenario's. We make a investigator chapter for the characters that come with the Night of the Zealot and now we bring our new chapter ENCOUNTER SETS. Hit the link if you are ready! Still to come are the last deep dives of the other classes. Stay tuned!

deep dive rogue class (core set)


We have arrived at the full map analysis of the roque class. We dive deeper into this class and will not leave a stone unturned. With this class you are waiting in the shadows and you will dodge attacks or be the one who attacks unseen. Just hit the link for more info.

Deep dive survivor class (core set)

We continue with the deep dive analysis of the core set cards and the next stop is the Survivor class. This class is all about taking bigger gambles with skill test, because failure in this class will only bring you an advantage. 


This is the class that goes just that little bit further than the rest. You often play to the edge with this class, but you can also go over the edge with some investigators. Want to know more? Just push the link!

Harvey Walter character review

 We have made an extensive analysis of Harvey Walters. You have already admired his deck, but now also his analysis. If you are not sure which extension you should buy, we hope to convince you with this article. 


If you are interested than hit he link. 

check our own creations


The world of LCG card games is jumping for you. Not only for you, of course, but for us too! We are not just playing scenarios all evenings. Building a deck and building really cool theme decks is also part of this. We can spend days devising and making decks. Lower tiers in particular appeal to us, because they really pose a challenge. Curious about our decks? Check them out now!

blog nr. 5 - the new patreon page


Loyal fans! We now have a Patroen page that is exclusively for the Dutch blogger Company! We have new Tiers and have adjusted our future goals. Do you want to know more about how to support us? Check out this blog.

investigator analyse - Zoey Samaras


We have arrived at the second investigator of the Dunwich legacy. This chef knows how to handle knives and hatchets. Not only will she be a star in the kitchen, she will also save Arkham from evil. Fighting with her knife and cross, she slams everyone off the field. Interested? Hit the link.

"The devourer below" strategy guide

BAM! The grand finale of the first cycle Night of the Zealot is online. Not only is this the final of the series, it's also our largest and longest strategy guide to date! We examine all the ins and outs so that you as an investigator can prepare for the entity that wants to destroy the world. Don't wait any longer and click on the link!


The last piece of the puzzle was found in a diary owned by one of the cult members. It describes a dark ritual to be performed this night deep in the woods south of Arkham....

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