zoey samaras - the chef

Zoey had known she was special since God spoke to her one night when she was six years old ... the night that terrible fire took her parents away. He told her that He had chosen her out of all the people of the world to be His representative. She would protect the innocent and punish the wicked. Ever since, He has come to her in times of need to offer guidance and comfort. Zoey now travels from town to town, taking on work as a cook to earn a living. When not at work, she stalks the night, guided by the voice of the Lord. Wherever she finds badness, she scraps it without regret or hesitation.


Zoey Samaras is as you all know here "the stabbing Chef" skill full with knives and blades. Her stats of 4/2/4/2 is a really strong combo. Because of her 4 willpower and 4 fight skill. Almost every skilltest on a treachery card contains a willpower test. With a base of 4 you will be safe for 75% without spending extra cards and as you know that's pretty nice stat in Arkham horror the card game. A base of 4 fight is pretty amazing to. Just adding every blade and knife you have in your collection and you will make your own stabbing chef. 

She has a strong health bar of 9 points. That makes her a really strong investigator and her only downfall is her low sanity bar. She just has 6 points so you have to watch out where you going. 


Super star ability : +1 for the skilltest and if the skilltest is an attack it does +1 damage


She has also a response ability, if you engage with a enemy gain 1 resource. This makes a really cool combo with here cross! 

Zoey's Cross


one of the coolest special cards an investigator can have. Not only is the combination super cool. It is also very effective. As soon as you engage with the enemy, you may exhaust the cross for 1 resource in response to inflict damage on the enemy. 


The combination with Zoey's response abilty makes this card free. Yes you read that part right! It's free! If an enemy engages with you, you will get 1 resource as a response ability. Now you exhausted the cross for that 1 resource (so for free) and deal 1 damage to that enemy. The most enemies just have 1 health and are quickly taken care off. The other enemies with more health just hit a speed bump and are already injured. 



Smite the Wicked


My opinion of this card is simple. One of the coolest weakness cards you can have. I think this is more of a side quest than really a weakness. It only becomes a weakness if you don't defeat the enemy. You have to keep drawing cards from the encounter deck until you find an enemy. Place this card along with Smite the Wicked at a location furthest from you. As long as you manage to defeat this enemy, nothing will happen, but if you fail to do so, you will get a mental trauma. In the case of Zoey, this is very bad, because you only have 6 sanity points and continuing to play a campaign mode with only 5 sanity points is quite a challenge.

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