the essex county express encounter set

The enemies from the train station.


Grappling Horror / A monster with a stat of 3-3-2. It has the hunter keyword so every enemy phase it will comes one location closer to the nearest investigator. It has an attack of 1-1, but when you are engaged with this master you cannot move, so that the name grappling! you can finish it in one round because a fight skill of 3 is medium difficulty. 


Emergent Monstrosity / Its a huge enemy with a stat of 4-5-3 and not one you like to encounter in your play through. It doesn't spawn at your location but on to your right location. Only if there isn't a location ad your right it will spawn at your location. One plus side is that it will come in play exhausted, if it does in your location get the hell out of there. It also has no hunter keyword so if you lost him in your previous location it won't come after you. Its attack will hurt you a lot. 2-2 so don't hesitate to evade this monster and run!

A weakness come along, Across space and time


It's a madness and when you draw this card you will have to discard 3 cards from your deck. Because in Arkham horror your decks are low on cards and you probably build a deck with combo's every card loss is a bummer. 

Just some treachery cards. 


Claws of steam / Test 3 willpower and if you fail take 2 damage, the damage most be assigned to your ally's (because of the Helpless passenger but more about this card later on). Also what is the most terrible thing of this card is that you can't move this round from its location. But as you already know is that the last train wagon disappears in the abyss. So you will have to make haste to get to the end of the train and this will only slow you down. 

Broken rails / Each investigator at your location will lose one action and if the investigator has 4 or more damage it also have to discard an ally. This is also bad news for the helpless passenger. 

A helpless passenger


It's has the keyword surge, so that means draw another encounter card. Put the passenger in the location at your left if you can. Otherwise on your location. You can save this passenger by parley for one action and take immediately controle over it. The passenger has a stat of 1-1 so it will die fast if you don't be careful enough. In the cards above you already learned that everything is to make your ally's suffer and when this passenger leaves play you will suffer a horror. Each investigator by the way. If you have a high sanity stat don't even bother. Just run away, its not worth the trip back the the wagon on your left. Probably there will be monster you left there to suffer in the Abyss.