Set Size /  4 cards. 

Number of unique cards / 2 cards. 

Threat level / High. 

Traits / Monsters - Nightgaunt. 

Cards /  Enemy - Treachery. 

The role of the set / Creating chaos because of its high health and dealing damage and horror. 

Hunting Nightgaunt 


Trait: Monster - Nightgaunt. 

Keyword: Hunter. 


This card has a high fighting stats, so attacking it head on could be a challenge. You can evade it but keep in mind dat you modifier of the token dubbels (only for the negative). 

On wings of Darkness


This card will help and hurt you at the same time. If you lose the skill test you will suffer damage and horror but.... The creature will grab you and flies away with you. So you disengage with every non Nightgaunt and you will drop at a central location.


So if you look at it in the way of Arkham Horror, you get a little pain for an escape of many enemies at the same time.