dw - neutral and weakness

These are the new weaknesses you will got for expanding with the Dunwich legacy. New weaknesses make the game so much better, because you can build a whole themed deck and even the weakness will mach now. Let's take a look at the 3 new cards. 


Indebted / A Flaw, permanent (with mean right from the start), you start each game with 2 fewer resources. This card is even for the best players among us a heavy burden. The only solution what we can think of is, that you play with roque because can can soak up and make more money than everyone els. 

Internal injury / Its an injury, revelation put this card in your threat area. Every and of the turn you will suffer 1 direct damage. Take 2 action to discard this card. It's a bummer if you draw this card. But in the forgotten age this is a really cool themed card you can use and make your adventure even heavier.  

Chronophobia / Its a madness, revelation put this card in your threat area. The same as Internal injury only this time you will get insane and every turn ends you suffer 1 horror. This card is so cool to use in the the path to Carcasso because the whole theme is about sanity and willpower. So bring this alone with you. 

The Kukri, a blade of Nepali origin, emerges as a formidable asset in the hands of an Investigator. For a cost of 2 resources, this asset offers a reliable +1 Combat Skill boost.


The Kukri provides a cost-effective solution for investigators seeking a combat advantage. As a Survivor-class asset, the Kukri seamlessly integrates with Survivor decks, enhancing their ability to endure and retaliate in the face of adversity. If you will succeed in the attack with the Kukri then for an additional action you can give the enemy a +1 damage. But in my opinion use this advantage only in time of need! Because your actions are the must important of the whole game. 


The Kukri stands as a reliable ally in the arsenal of any investigator. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it an appealing choice, especially for those who favor a cost-efficient combat boost early in their investigations.