Agents of hastur

Set Size /  4 cards. 

Number of unique cards / 2 cards. 

Threat level / High. 

Traits / Monster - Byakhee - Omen

Cards /  Enemy - Treachery with skill test. 

The role of the set / Skill test - Weakness card seeker - Getting stronger if your sanity is low. 

Screeching Byakhee


Traits: Monster - Byakhee. 


This monster is a pain in the ass. His stats are higher then a normal monster or enemy. It prey ability hunts down the player with the lowest remaining sanity. This can be a very bad situation. Also if your investigator has only 4 or fewer sanity this screeching monster gets +1 fight en +1 evade so its even harder to escape or get rid gf this monster. 


PRO TIP: if you are not strong enough or your evade power is to low than get away from this monster as quick as possible. 

The Yellow Sign


Trait: Omen


Revelation: You have to take a skill test for 4 willpower. If you don't play with mystic class this is probably not gonna end well for your investigator. If you fail the test you lose 2 horror and you must look for a madness weakness in your deck. The weakness card comes in play immediately. 


PRO TIP: if you don't have a madness card but a other weakness card you should've not played it. But we are pro players so we search our card pole and put one extra madness in play. Just for the scenario we be playing. Its like hardcore mode but is a lot of fun.