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Yet again we bring you an deep dive article! Now its time for the Mystic class that comes with the core set. As you know we will discuss these cards in the following categories. Assetsevents and skill cards. Of course we will also discuss the upgrade cards. One investigator is included for each class, in the case of the Mystic class, this is Agnes Baker(check her deck now) because we have already treated the investigators, we will not treat them in this article. If you are interested in her story, then click on the link and check out Agnes Baker - The waitress.


PRO TIP: The mystic class is the best class if you look at the willpower levels. Almost everybody from this class has a high level of willpower. This class is made for scrying and sealing. Later on the game with expansions off course you can go all in with these options. You can seal specific tokens that will make you stronger but you can't pull them again from the chaos bag like for example the elder star for extra benefits. You also can build a deck like scrying, know what will come and you can avoid or cancel it. Also the mystic Investigators are strong with spells. They can turn there willpower skill into a fighting skill and with the powerful spells you can take out an enemy easily. 


The asset cards are what makes this class so strong! From spells to fight with monster to spells that can predict the future. They are all here.... Keep in mind that this class uses arcane slots! There is a slot for both your hands. You can play 2 arcane slots at a time. If the charges or secrets are gone don't discard your card because there's always a way to refill them (unless the tells you to discard it). 


Forbidden Knowledge / What a little price you have to pay for resources. You can play this card for free and it will get 4 secrets. Exhaust this card in a player window (so it will cost you no action) take one horror and move a secret to 

your resource pool. So if you sum this up you take 4 horror for 4 resources. So you are half past dead for 4 resources. This card will not be in our decks. 


Holy Rosary / Holy shit, pay 2 resources and you will get +1 willpower and have a buffer for 2 sanity. + willpower is really good to have and the buffer is ok but you need the willpower over the extra sanity. 


Shrivelling / When you play with fire you might burn yourself. So that's also the rule with spells. If you cast a spell and grab the wrong tokens from the bag you have the chance of hurting yourself. This card will cost you 3 resources and it comes with 4 charges. Take an action to activate this card ability and you do a fight action. Instead of your fight skill you will use your willpower. You deal +1 damage but if you grab the wrong token (indicated on the card) you get one horror.

PRO TIP: If you pass the skill test regardless of picking the wrong token, you will still do damage and this test will still be successful. We did this wrong in the beginning and that is why we played little with this class in the beginning, because there are more of these types of cards. So regardless the wrong token a success is a success.


Scrying / Want to predict the future? Now you can, spend 1 resource and this spell comes into play with 3 charges. Spend an action and scry away. Look at the top 3 card of any investigator or the encounter deck and return them in any order. So if you wanna play this smart you will look at the encounter deck and know what's coming your way. 


Arcane studies / Off course the mystic class has also a talent card. And we are not fond of these cards. Its a waste of resources and deck space. But he everybody has his or her own play style. For 2 resource you can play this talent card. For one resource you can get either a +1 willpower or +1 intellect. The choice is yours. 


Arcane Initiate / Your first ally of this wonderful class. Its like a student of yours. She is cheap only one resource, but she has a dark side. She will come into play with one doom token. So if you used her ability to find your special spell card, then get rid of her FAST! Its hard to say but we don't need extra doom on the table trough player cards. 


These few event cards can make the difference for your play session. 


Drawn to the Flame / Ok this is the most spoken card in the early years of arkham horror. You can often find this name in previous blogs and there is even a podcast or youtube channel named after this card. You draw 1 encounter card and you get 2 clues in return. This is a risky choice to make, but hey, what could go wrong. And if you hadn't noticed yet, its a free card. 


Blinding Light / Mystic is all about chances. So whats the catch with this card? You start an evade action for 2 resources (paying the cost of the card). You will use your willpower instead of your agility. Lucky for you the Mystic class are outstanding Investigators with a high willpower. If this test is successful you will deal +1 damage. But if you draw any of the image tokens you will lose an action.


Ward of protection / This card will save your life. Seriously, this is not a joke. You need a card that can stop an encounter card. Someone who participates in your campaign must own such a card. It can literally save your campaign. The card costs 1 resource, it is a FAST action and therefore costs you no action. It cancels every treachery card you or your friend will pull out of the encounter deck. its a life saver.




This card will not only give you an extra willpower icon. It also heals one horror is this test was a succes. Its a card that you probably will use a lot in your first builds for the mystic class. Its also a good card to use in a deck for Daisy. Daisy has a high level of sanity but you never know what will happen in Arkham.


This is a must return skill card. Use it wisely and do not spend it in the first few rounds. 

upgrade cards

If you have enough exp points you can invest these points in new cards. But which ones?


Blinding light / For 2 points you can upgrade the old blinding light for the new one. The new one deal +1 extra damage. 


Mind wipe / Clear your mind with this card. For only 1 exp you can at this card to your deck. Sometimes this game can be hard, not qua difficulty but also to remember what's on the table. So this card has 2 bonuses, you can treat a card box totally blank (from an enemy) so they will leave you alone or something. And you don't have to remember this card for a phase. No that's all nice talk. This card is weak and our tip is never buy this card with your hard earned exp. 


Book of Shadows / Now we are in business! The first thing we bought was this card. Its a tome for 3 exp (works great in a daisy deck) Its will give you an extra arcane slot. So now you have 3 slots for spells. But better is the fact that you can ad a charge to a spell you have an the table. Thats why we said in the beginning of this article never to discard a spell unless the card said so. You can take an action to ad a charge to one of your spells. 


Grotesque Statue / The highest of all if you look at the exp. The cost is 2 resources and you will get a great card for it. It comes in play with 4 charges. When you grab a token and you would fail a test or you think the outcome is not the best, just spend a charge and reveal another. Resolve one of the two, so the outcome can always be better (its Arkham so it can also be much worse). 

Thats it survivors! The deep dive article of the Mystic class. We hope you learned a thing or two. Keep playing and bring the table top games back to life!


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