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This is the deep dive analysis of the Survivor class that comes with the core set. We will discuss these cards in the following categories. Assetsevents and skill cards. Of course we will also discuss the upgrade cards. One hero is included for each class, in the case of the Survivor class, this is Wendy Adams (deck link), because we have already treated the investigators, we will not treat them. If you are interested, click on Wendy Adams (investigator link) and read her story.


PRO TIP: The Survivor class is made for survive, fight and finding clues on your way. This class is unique in failing skill test. You can make much more risk skill test because of the fact that there are a lot of cards that benefit for failure or succes with this class. Play high risk at low cost. 


Assets, we all know what these cards can do and what they can mean. However, each class has its own course of play. With this class you mainly deal with absorbing damage and sanity. Also, the failure of skill test is not so bad with this class, but we will come back to that later with the event cards.


Dig Deep / With this talent card you can either get +1 willpower of +1 agility for just 1 resource. We do not play talent cards often, because there are a lot of other cards that can do the same for less. 

Stray Cat / Your loyal cat. For just 1 resource you can absorb 1 damage or discard your cat and evade a non-elite enemy. The fast ability is the best way to use this card. 

Rabbit's Foot / One of the many survivor class cards that return in our decks. If you lose a skill test, exhaust the foot and draw a card. If you can combine this cards with others like "take heart" then your losses became a win situation. 

Leather Coat / Never go outside with your trusty coat. You can absorb 2 extra damage. And if you play with "the king in red" then this card is a must have. 

Baseball Bat / Your only weapon in this class is the baseball bat. But not just a baseball bat. This weapon is strong. You will get +2 attack and deal +1 extra damage. It only has two downsides. That is, if you draw the wrong token from the chaos bag. You will lose the bat and the other thing is, that it will take up your two hand slots. 

Scavenger / This card you will use only the get items cards back from your discard pile. Like the baseball bat. You only need to succeed a skill test with 2 or more points. 


The event cards make the survivor class very strong. There are only three in the core set, but we have to tell you that two of these are so good that we bought an extra core set for them.


Lucky / If you fail a skill test of any kind. Play this card as a FAST action what will cost you no action point only 1 resource and get +2 value for this test. It's almost an automatic win. 

Look what I found! / The absolute best card of the game! FAST action for 1 resource and it will cost you no action point. Discover 2 clues at your location if you fail by 1 or 2. Losing with 1 or 2 is a common thing so simple math wil bring you to free clues. 

Cunning distraction / A freaking high price to evade enemies and monster at your location. Just lose this card and if you are cornered just play Survival instinct. Read below. 


Survival instinct


If you are cornered by multiple monsters then this is your way out. With this card you must successfully complete an evade attempt to avoid all engaged monsters or enemies. Not only that, you can also move to a location that is connected to your own location. As long as you don't have any enemies with the keyword hunter you are safe in the enemy phase for the time being. You can of course also use this card with your fellow players. This gives you an extra round to let your planning go as you planned.

upgrade cards

By now you are already familiar with the upgrade cards. If you aren't, read the Guardian class deep dive to find out more. But for those who already know all this, feel free to read on because there are a few very good cards. 


Lucky / 2.0 FAST action witch you already know it will cost you no action point. It's the same as the other one only you can draw an extra card. Extra card draw is key to succes. 

Will to survive / A expensive card, but with a great benefit. You don't grap chaos tokens for the rest of your turn. This card make the difference of your play session. Only its a high cost to play and also a high upgrade cost of 3 dots. 

Aquinnah / A bad card if you ask for my opinion. You only deal 1 damage to an enemy at your location, but you still have to deal with the horror you receive. Of course you can put the horror down on this card. This card is only very expensive and you have plenty of other means to match this card.

Close call / If you have an enemy or monster at your location that really bothers you. Then this is a solution. You can shuffle an evade enemy back into the encounter deck. But you should not forget that you can then easily grab it again the next Mythos phase. It is also true that you buy this card single and the chance that you then draw this card from your own deck is very little. 


Looking back at the upgrade cards of this class, we are in any case not very satisfied. You can achieve more than these with your standard cards.

Survivors! This was the complete analyse of the survivor class. We hope you learnt a thing or two. Leave a comment. 


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