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This is the deep dive analysis of the Seeker class that comes with the core set. We will discuss these cards in the following categories. Assetsevents and skill cards. Of course we will also discuss the upgrade cards. One hero is included for each class, in the case of the Seeker class, this is Daisy Walker (deck link), because we have already treated the investigators, we will not treat them. If you are interested, click on Daisy Walker (investigator link) and read her story.


PRO TIP: The Seeker class is made for seeking clues and exploring locations fast. Every play session has to have at least one Seeker investigator. This because you clue finding skill can't be beter without the seeker class. This wil make your play session even better. Finding clues and jumping from location to location is key for the seeker class.


You all know the blog about TEMPO and that you need to make every action count. With the asset cards of this seeker class you can make your TEMPO movement even faster. Let's take a quick look on what to expect with this super fun class. 


Magnifying Glass / Fast action to play this card, remember that fast action don't cost you an action. You get +1 intellect while you exploring a location. For only 1 resource this is mega cheap. 

Dr. Milan Christopher / You get +1 intellect and if you successful make an investigation test you get 1 extra resource. So you can use this card as a sort of cash machine. It's only down side is that is at a high cost of 5 resources. He has a stat of 1 health and 2 horror. So in the end he can soak up some of your pain. 

Medical Text / Your seekers healing card. You will need this card in your deck if you are facing a lot enemies. You need to watch out because the investigator needs to make an intellect test of 2 and if he fails he takes 1 damage. 

Hyperawareness / Yes you already know what we think of talent cards. A real waste for your deck limit. You can spend 1 resource to get either +1 intellect or +1 agility. 

Research Librarian / If this cards enters play you may search for deck for a tome card. This card will only get stronger if your card collection expends. Now its just a burden to carry this card in your deck, or you can use it to absorb damage or horror. With his 1 health and 1 horror its a Ok card. 

Old Book of Lore / Its is a fantastic card. Its almost if you can predict the future. Nah just kidding but you can get a real advantage with this card. For a action you can draw three card and keep one of them, the rest goes back in the deck. Its proven in many of our play sessions that this card is real powerful. You can make much better calls in certain scenario's. 


You can also defeat an enemy or a monster as a seeker, but you have to play the necessary cards for that. Not only can you fight, you can become even more masterful at finding clues. Let's see which event cards we can use.


Mind over Matter / This card is the foundation of your first seeker deck. Je kan maak attacks or evade attempts with this powerful poison. Because you can use your intellect instead of fight or evade skill. 

Barricade / If you are in a tight spot and the hunter enemies are on your tail, use this barricade card on your location. Enemies can't go to this location. Only elite enemies can break the spell. Take the Ghoul priest for example. He's one of the enemies how can forge himself in. If any of the investigators in this location leaves then the barricade will vanish. 

Working a Hunch / Working your seeker magic. 2 resources for 1 clue. It's a nice deal. Later on you will get much cheaper cards but for now it will do its work. 




This is probably one of the best skill cards of the seeker class. Not only do you get +1 intellect skill. You will also find an extra clue at your location if your skill test goes well.


You need two of these in your deck if you are considering to play a seeker. This card is so strong. Every time a location flips you have the chance that there are a lot of new clues to find. Just drop this card to the skill test and grap those free clues!


Later on in the game you will encounter the upgrade version and its even more powerful then this one! Check the updated version from the Essex County Express

upgrade cards

Do you want to become a better seeker? Which can! Dive into the library and study. Well, collect enough victory points and just spend them on these fantastic upgrade cards.


Magnifying Glass / We have just gone through the old version of this card. Now this card gets a cool ability if you ask me. You have to take this card back to your hand if there are no more clues at your location. The card is free and does not cost you any action. So you can always play this one if you need it and it will never use a hand slot for too long. A must have card in your campaign mode play session. This version only cost you 1 victory point. 


Cryptic Research / Okay, taking extra cards is always a bonus, but at what price. That is always the question to ask. You need 4 victory points for this card. Even though this card costs you nothing to play, both no resource and no action, I still think the victory points are too much for 3 free cards. You can use these points much better.


Disc of Itzamna / If you then want to spend your victory points. Then do it for this card. This is a very strong card. For 3 resources you can wear this necklace and if a non-elite enemy appears at your location you can choose to throw your necklace away and also the enemy. This is a very strong defense card and a seeker is not exactly a fighter.


Encyclopedia / For 2 victory points you can add this card to your deck. With this encyclopedia you can give an investigator at your location +2 skill points for an action until the end of the phase. So this can be for fighting or even for evading an enemy.

Survivors! This was the complete analyse of the survivor class. We hope you learnt a thing or two. Leave a comment. 


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