roland banks - the fed

Roland the federal agent, is the first investigator of the Guardian class. He always uses his police handbook when it comes down to it. He has a solution for every situation ...... Except now that Arkham is completely upside down and there are all kinds of things that he cannot reach with his head. There was one thing that pushed him to the limit. Now he has let go of all brakes and everything revolves around his own booklet to keep from going crazy!


Its 3/3/4/2 stats make it an accessible investigator and strong when it comes to defeating monster and enemies.

The 3 willpower and 3 investigation make him more accessible by finding clues. You can easily bring this to a higher level with skill points, making him a strong seeker by means of certain seeker cards. You can use his 9 hero as a buffer to take your damage, just because this FED has both feet on the ground his sanity is very low with a score of 5 and cannot have much horror. 5 is pretty low, so be sure to take cards with you that help you with that. Use allies!


His ability makes finding clues even easier as with Roland you can easily defeat monster and find an extra clue at your location.


His Super star ability gives you +1 skill point per clue on your location.

Special card

Each investigator has his or her special card. Roland always carries his trusty .38 gun.


This card is an asset and therefore remains in the playing field as long as there is ammunition for your weapon. You get an extra fight skill point and do +1 extra damage. If there is 1 or more clues at your location of your battle, you get +3 fight skill points.


A real FED cannot do without its weapon!


PRO TIP: If you are playing a campaign mode it is wise to buy Extra ammunition card between scenarios. This card gives you extra ammunition and allows you to use a weapon card multiple times. Your trusted .38 gun probably won't be the only firearm you bring with you.


Each investigator also has a weakness that must be in your deck. This nicely adds to the background story of the character you are playing with.


It is always a disadvantage when you pull this card. For some investigators this is a real nightmare that you cannot get rid of quickly ..... sometimes it can go down with it.


You try to hide as many things as possible under the guise that ordinary citizens do not find out. Place 3 clues on the Cover up card and every time you find clue at your location you can remove a clue from the Cover up.


After the end of the game if Cover up is still in play you take mental damage according to the amount of clues left on this card. You take mental damage with you to your next adventure and can be very difficult.


Mental damage or trauma is a true nightmare for Roland. His sanity is already 5 and if you play a campaign mode and you start with only 4 sanity is almost impossible. It makes it all a lot more difficult. In fact, it often happens that you only grap this card at a later stage and most of the clues are already gone. It is therefore lucky if you take this card as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is also the case that you cannot collect the first clues but have to remove them from this card. This also means that your TEMPO is a lot slower

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