chilling cold

Set Size /  4 cards. 

Number of unique cards / 2 cards. 

Threat level / Low. 

Traits / Hazard. 

Cards /  Treachery. 

The role of the set / Buff up the shroud value of a single location. A skill test with losing cards or taking damage. 

Obscuring Fog


Revelation: Attach it to your location (limit one per location)

Forced: Your location gets +2 shroud and if your have a successful investigation then discard this Fog. The location doesn't have to be empty of clues to drop the fog. Only one successful investigation is enough. 

Crypt Chill


Revelation means that you have to do resolve the effects immediately (for those how are new to the game). 

Test 4 willpower what you already know its real high for every class except for the mystic class. So you need to buff the test with extra cards otherwise you will lose the test and also a asset. 


Assets are your weapons and allies and losing them is pretty bad. If you can't discard a asset you will take 2 damage.