locked doors

Set Size /  2 cards. 

Number of unique cards / 1 card. 

Threat level / Low. 

Traits / Obstacle. 

Cards /  Treachery. 

The role of the set / It will put a sort off lock on your locations. So you can't investigate the location, first you will do have to make a skill test. 

Locked door


Trait: Obstacle. 

Revelation: The door locks of the location with the most clues on it. This location can't be investigated unless you do a skill test to break the door or tried your luck with your lock picks. 


The skill test requires a action to activate it. When you started the skill test you may choice either to break the door down and use your fight skill or you can use your agility and use your lock picks. Each skill test you would preform will have a stat of 4. 


PRO TIP: Only go to the location if you absolutely need the clues or if the location has victory points.