rex murphy - the reporter

When disaster strikes, Rex Murphy is usually on hand, suffering the consequences. After spending a day with Rex, even the most hardened skeptic will concede that the man is cursed. Anytime he had a lead on a good story, something would go wrong. That business in Innsmouth with the photographs that had blown out to sea. The tracks in Dunwich that had washed away in the rain just before he'd brought the sheriff. His terrible fortune has more than once exposed him to gruesome beasts and occult conspiracies. To survive, Rex has developed an inquisitive mind, keeping one step ahead of the next disaster.


The second seeker Investigator is the reporter named REX, he's a seeking clue machine. Let's take a look what this character has to bring in a play session of Arkham horror the card game. 


Just Daisy Walker the seeker class Investigators all have a high sanity level. Rex his sanity of 9 is really high. But the downside is that this class has a low health stat. Rex his health points are only 6, so when he is in combat you will need to get out of there. Use your agility to evade enemies. With the deckbuilding requirements you can use up to 5 different class cards. You can use all classes as long if there are not more then 5 cards. You can use roque cards to boost up your evade stat or immediately evade an enemy like Elusive. You can include every class so maybe a card like Dodge from the Guardian class can help you in narrow situations. His stats of 3/4/2/3 is pretty normal. Its a seeker so clue gathering is your main task. But with roque card you also can evade enemies easily and your start stat is 3 so thats a good start. 


Rex is a clue machine, because of his investigate respons ability. If you investigate action succeed with 2 or more you automatically gain an extra clue. Use extra skill cards or commit more cards to an investigate action to get the 2 more points. Use Inquiring Mind to boost up your investigation or use Deduction and grab 3 clues at once. 


Rex super star ability gives you +2 or you can automatic fail your test to draw 3 extra cards. This is where Rex's shines the most. There is a pretty cool combo here. 


PRO TIP: After you decide to automatically fail the test and draw the cards you can play Look what I found and still get 2 clues for free. TEMPO is your biggest mission in this card game. GET CLUES FAST and that's what Rex does better than any other Investigator (at this stage of cards)

Search for the Truth


A card that is made for cards draw. With Rex you can draw your entire deck in a few rounds so that means hat you need to buff your handsize or else you will to discard to many good cards. But there is a solution for this little problem. You can play Laboratory Assistant to upgrade your handsize.


She's an ally card that can absorb a little sanity or damage (in bad situations) and she will give you a +2 handsize bonus. Also if she comes in play draw 2 cards. So if you have a lot of clues and you draw 5 cards because of search of the truth then you probably don't need to discard any of them. Also here is a little combo, you can include Winging it to your deck and discard this card. Because you will get 1 extra clue if you play this card from your discard pile. 

Rex's curse


Revelation means it effects immediately. This card comes into play at your threat area and if you reveal a chaos token for a skill test. Put it back and grab another one. If you test should fail because of this effect shuffle Rex's curse back in your deck. It's a nasty weakness but not the worst one we encounter. You probably still will survive a lot of test if you use event and skill cards.