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This is the deep dive analysis of the Rogue class that comes with the core set. We will discuss these cards in the following categories. Assetsevents and skill cards. Of course we will also discuss the upgrade cards. One investigator is included for each class, in the case of the Rogue class, this is Skids o Toole (check his deck now) because we have already treated the investigators, we will not treat them in this article. If you are interested, click on Skids o Toole (investigator link) and read his story.


PRO TIP: The Rogue class is made for sneak attacks. The best way to describe rogue is that you have to dodge the enemy or monsters. Once you dodge a monster, this class's true power comes to the fore. You have a number of cards and weapons that deal extra damage to monsters when you dodge them. This class will work at his best at succeeding skill tests. 


Asset cards are the foundation of a good deck. You can absorb sanity and damage by allies and you have some need weapons. This class depends an winning skill test wil +? skill points. If you succeed it will grand you a bonus. Now let's see what this rogue class will bring you. 


Leo De Luca / A high cost ally, but with a special ability. You can take an extra action per turn. With its 2/2 stats you can absorb some damage or sanity but his ability is worth the pay. 

.41 Derringer / Its a small weapon to hide in your sleeve or a women's purse. It only has 3 ammo but you will get +2 fight skill. If you succeed in this fight skill test with +2 points we will do a +1 extra damage. It is a 3 cost card, so basically 1 ammo for a resource. It's a pretty wise choice to bring this weapon with you. 

Burglary / The real way to earn your hard cash is to rob the location where you at. Exhausted Burglary and investigate the location. Instead of earring a clue with a successful skill test you get 3 resources. It's a good idea to make some fast cash. The card only cost you 1 resource so play the card faster then you can spell Arkham Horror. 

Hard Knocks / Yah you know another talent card. We not fond of talent cards but this Hard Knocks booze drinking card will save you a lot of pain. Combine it with the Burglary card and you have a solid state of play. It's the only talent card we play so far. 

Switchblade / YEAH! A blade that runs trough must of our decks if we play the Rogue class. It's a MUST to play card. The card cost 1 resource and it's a FAST card so it won't cost you a single action point. If you succeed by +2 it will do +1 damage. Not much to say about it. This card is not the most powerful weapon for the rogue class but if you look at the core set alone its awesome. 

Pickpocketing / If evading enemies and monster is your main task for the Rogue class why don't we make it an oppertunity for card drawing. Thats what the makers of this card must have being thinking. This response ability is great. If you evade a enemy or monster you may draw a card. The cost is only 2 so bring it on!


The event cards of this class makes you a real spy or a sneaky investigator. 


Sneak attack / The main goal for the Rogue class is evade not engage (if you use only the core that is) So if you evade an enemy why not take advantage of it. With sneak attack you will deal 2 damage to an exhausted enemy. So for example you can play this card and hurt or kill a monster at your location so long its exhausted. So you do not have to evade an monster a co player can also exhausted an enemy and you only have to hurt or kill it. 

Backstab / This is a powerful card for this class. You deal 2 damage that is already a massive amount of damage but is also let you use your evade skill instead of your fight skill. And by now you already know that the rogue class is the class with the highest evade skill. It's a win win situation. The only thing we are concerned about is the high cost. 

Elusive / The real deal in vanishing from the scene. It's a FAST card and can played only during your turn. You disengaged from every enemy your dealing with. This can be 1,2,3,4,5 or even endless enemies but you vanish to a location without enemies. The powerful ability of this card is that you can travel for free to every location (revealed) with no enemies! Wow! 




As a rogue you always have a trick up your sleeve. So is this skill card. You get +1 skill point that can be used for any skill test. If you pass the test with +3 skill points, this card goes back to your hand. Which means you can use this card again. This way you always have an extra skill point at hand. The only downside is that only you can use it for your tests and not for other investigators.

upgrade cards

Now for the last of this amazing review, we gonna see what the upgraded cards will bring this class. 


Sure Gamble / FAST, a card that can turn things around in the better way for the player. For the cost of 2 you can turn the negative - to a positive +. So when a bad token was drawn you can switch it to a better when. This is how you maintain the TEMPO for playing with this class. 

Leo De Luca / For this upgrade version there's nothing new. Only it cost wil drop with 1 resource. 

Hot Streak / Ok this is by far the must resource getter card of the hole game. For 3 resource you will get 10 resources. The only bad thing is that this card will cost you 4 victory points and that is a lot of trouble to make that kind of points. To be honest we never played this card. It's to expensive for the victory points and if you want fast cash just play Burglary asset card. 

Cat Burglar / This card is awesome! Its like the elusive card but 10 times better. It's an ally with a stat of 2/2 what makes it a really good ally. You will get +1 extra evade skill point for the remainder of the existence of this card in play. His action ability makes you disengage from every enemy and move to a connecting location. The deference between this card and the elusive card is that you can trigger this ability each time! Elusive is only single use. But you can only move to a connecting location. It's a MUST buy upgrade card if you play Rogue. 

Alright fellow readers! We hope you learned a thing or two! Thanks for reading this article. Please drop a comment on your thought what you think about this Rogue class. 


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