Set Size /  7 cards. 

Number of unique cards / 3 cards. 

Threat level / Low. 

Traits / Humanoid - Monster - Ghoul - Hazard. 

Cards /  Enemies - Treachery. 

The role of the set / Fighting and dealing damage. 

Ghoul Minion


Trait: Humanoid - Monster - Ghoul. 


Your first ghoul encounter! Yeah! This game is freaking amazing. Lets see what this Monster brings to the game. Its real simple like the Rats. Its stats are 2/2/2 so it pretty low in al aspects. You can kill and evade it and it depends on your class you play with. But try to kill it. The first cycle is all about killing and fighting. This ghoul minion is a Monster so it will also deal 1 horror. 

Ravenous Ghoul


Trait: Humanoid - Monster - Ghoul. 

Prey: Lowest remaining health. 


Lets step up! This Ghoul is a bit tougher then the minion off course. But the stats will speak for itself. 

Grasping hands


Trait: Hazard. 

Revelation: skill test. 


Test 3 agility and for each point you fail, take damage.