the beyond

Pushed into the beyond


It's a hex and thats never good. But it's a fun card because you must shuffle an asset back into your deck and discard the top 3 cards of your deck. If you discard the same card (name) then you take 2 horror. We talked about fun because it's a fun mechanism. Ok we know its a real lost for your asset but we see the fun of it. 

Terror from beyond


Hex and terror thats not good at all! Peril means only the drawer of the card can choice. You must name a card type and every player must discard these card types. The more players the harder the choice becomes. You don't want to piss of your friends. Choice wisely. And now the terror comes. If this is not the first Terror of beyond you drawn this phase you must name 2 card types. Now everybody is mad at you hehe. 

Arcane barrier


Attach to your location. You can't move in or out this location before taking a willpower test of 4. If you succeed then you can discard this card otherwise you must discard 5 cards from your deck.