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Survivors! Welcome to our website!

Let's introduce ourselves, we are the Dutch Blogger Company and write amazing blogs about LCG card games and other board games (work in progress). We want to share our experiences with you and are happy to give you a hand. You already know our other website www.lotrdutchblogger.com where we take you into the wonderful world of Middle Earth. We write scenario strategy guides and card reviews. That's why we started this website to help the players of Arkham Horror LCG achieve their goals. Hopefully we can survive this horror experience together to be able to play an extra day of gaming.

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Feel free to email us for further questions, topics or cool ideas for the website.

Would you like to know more information about our new Project Dungeon to Dungeon (only in the Netherlands)? You can request the information by e-mail.


You can contact us on the following platforms, which can of course also be followed where we post great post.

Twitter: @ah_dutch

Instagram: ahdutchblogger

Mail: dutchbloggercompany@gmail.com


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