naomi's crew

O'Bannion's Thug


A real lowlife punk. Dresses fancy and reeks of cheap cigars. When this thug is engaged with you you won't be able to gain resources. So if you played an emergency cache to gain 3 resource your are dumb. Because you won't be able to collect the money. 


His stat of 4/2/2 makes this one harder to kill. His 4 fight means that you must use a weapon or tool to kill him or if you are a guardian class fighter you maybe able to fight him off. 



A yes a real mobster. This mobster has the keyword retaliate and that means that if you lose the fight skill test he will hit you back with his steel bar. It will only hurt you for 1 damage but hey every damage is one. His stats are easy to handle 2/2/2. Every class can fight off this lowlife mobster. Even a seeker with the card mind over matter can attack this one. 

Hunted down


right the goons are closing in. If there is no criminal inlay unengaged this cards gains surge. Which means draw a new encounter card. But if there are criminals unengaged with you they move a locations towards you. If there is a criminal that will engage you by this effect it will immediately attacks you. So long it's not the O'Bannion's thug there is only a little chance to get 1 damage.