Jim Culver - the musician

Jazz has been nothing but trouble for Jim since the day he picked up his father's trumpet. There was something strange and otherworldly about the writing on the inside of the bell, but its notes were soft and dark, like good coffee. That trumpet brought Jim many performances until the time Widow Jenkins got up to dance, the day he played at her funeral. After that it was quite difficult to find work. Since then Jim has learned a lot about jazz - and the things the ghosts in the graveyard talk about on cold autumn evenings. Lately they've been talking about The End, as the end of all that is and could be. The Final Rhapsody. The fact is, Jim isn't all that excited about that idea.


Jim the solo artist that can make your Arkham horror token draw a little bid better. Jim has a unique ability to transform the skull chaos token into a zero. Thats a great ability because in many campaigns there are at least 3 skulls in the chaos bag. If you still don't know what a chaos bag is, read the blog about it and became a math master. So not only do you have more chance to win at a curtain skill test because of the zero's, also his signature card can do amazing stuff with the skull token. But thats a little talk for later. 


Jim is a balanced character for beginners. Not only is his willpower high what you absolutely need in a campaign like The path to Carcaso, also finding clues and fighting off monster is a steady pace for Jimboy. His stats of 4/3/3/2 makes him a real player on the table for people how like to play with the mystic class. His superstar ability is +1 and thats not impressive but its his other ability what makes Jim a fun playable Investigator. His sanity and health is average and because he is from the mystic class his sanity is always higher. 


Then there is a little benefit for his superstar ability. You can turn the elder sign into a skull token. Which means that you probably still succeed with the skill test because the skull is a zero. And you can heal if you have the trumpet in play. Read below for his trumpet power. 

Jim's Trumpet


Here is where the music hits you. We already talked about an easier chaos token draw because of the skull becoming a zero. Now even better with his trumpet card in play you can heal 1 horror of an Investigator at your location or connecting location if you draw the skull token. No thats cool! Also if you draw the elder sign token you can swap it for the skull token. Which mean you probably still succeed with the skill test. Also you can heal! What a great combo. 

Final Rhapsody


Now this is where things get a little harder to play with our Jimboy. We already told you guys about the campaign tokens. In many cases there are 3 or more skull tokens in the chaos bag. This weakness card makes them want to hurt you bad! The task is simpel. Draw 5 tokens and for every skull token and elder thing you will get 1/1 damage and sanity. So a simple math trick 3 skulls + 1 elder thing that makes 4 bad tokens in a row. What means 4/4 damage and sanity. In our play sessions when this card drops Jim dies. No question asked. Probably one of the most hardest weakness card of the Investigators at the moment. 

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