bishop's thralls

Avian Thrall


Prey on the lowest intellect - yes they attack the dumbasses between us. 

This beast is a real nightmare. His stats are too high to handle on your own or with no weapons. It's also a hunter and you don't want this beast at your trail. 5/4/3 so the best option is to evade this one or if your are a badass you can try and kill it. But you need a lot of fire power to stop it. But there is a downside with this one, because if you use a ranged, firearm or a spell you will get -3 for your fight attempt. So melee weapons only boys! This beast won't hurt you much but it does damaged you and will give you a horror. 

Lupine Thrall


Yet again a beast you don't want to come too close. Spawns at the farthest location from you. Prey's on the lowest evade skill, so a prey that hunts down the slowest of the investigators. It's a hunter that will hurt you back when you miss fire. His stats of 4/3/4 tells us to don't mess around with him. You can kill him with weapons of course. The same attack value for this beast. 1/1 damage and horror. 

Altered Beast 


Let's be honest. This is a real nasty card. If there are no abomination in play you're lucky and this card gains surge. But if there is one in play heal all damage from it and attach this card to it. What will give the abomination a forced effect. The effect deals you one horror if you entering the location where this beast is. So don't think about entering the location.