it's the year of 2024

As the ominous shadows of Arkham stretch across the pages of time, a new chapter unfolds in the Arkham archives of 2024. Investigators, brace yourselves, for the year ahead promises an epic journey fraught with cosmic mysteries and unsolved horrors.


In this darkened realm, where reality and nightmares intertwine, the echoes of past terrors reverberate, and the whispers of ancient entities herald a foreboding era. The streets of Arkham, once familiar, now echo with the eerie footsteps of the unknown.


As we stand on the precipice of uncertainty, the stars above flicker with a spectral glow, revealing cryptic visions of what lies ahead. Will you, intrepid investigator, navigate the Arkham currents that surge through the streets and face the lurking horrors that threaten to breach the fragile veil of reality?