Unhallowed Country,


Put the Unhallowed country in your threat area. You cannot play ally cards what is a bit of disappointing. Also treat every textbook of your ally's in play if they were BLANK. So now your ally's are useless and you need the fix this thing fast! Because if you played an ally it's probably for a reason, TO HELP YOU OUT! And now there are all useless. 


Ad the end of your turn test 3 willpower and is you succeed then you may discard this Unhallowed country. What we see is that this whole cycle of Dunwich is based on a high stat of willpower so keep that in mind. 

Sordid and silent,


Attach this card to your location. every end of the round if you are ad this location is will give you 1 horror. This card can only be discarded when the agenda advances. So you probably would deal with this card a bit longer than usual.