"Ashcan" Pete - the drifter

At night, "Ashcan" Pete sleeps wherever his travels take him: in a field, on a train, or maybe, if he's lucky, in a shed. He always sleeps with his trusty canine dog, Duke, on one side and his worn-out guitar on the other. And sometimes when Pete is asleep, he dreams. He dreams of haunted, haunted places and horrible creatures. When he wakes up, he knows someone needs his help because his dreams are true. He couldn't tell how long he's been on the road, living in his right mind, but he can certainly say that no place is too far to help someone in need. And as long as Pete can help people, he probably won't stop wandering around anytime soon.


Ashcan Pete or also called Jack Reacher in our play sessions, is a rock hard investigator. He only needs his loyal dog Duke. His stats are 4/2/2/3 and with Duke on his side this gets a bit higher. His 6 health and 5 sanity makes him a character that you don't just throw here and there. You don't take big risks, which you should with the Survivor class. What makes this investigator cool is that you can use lvl 0 to 5 card of any class. As long as it is only 5 cards. So you can go in many directions with this character.


This drifter has a cool ability that allows you to discard a card from your hand to refresh an asset you controle. So you can use Duke 2 times. This works out very well in some cases. Especially if you have cards in your deck such as Winging it. You can always play this from your discard pile and it also gives you a bonus if you do this.


His super star ability is also a killer. You get +2 which usually means that you pass the skill test anyway. And then you can also refresh Duke again so that you can use it again. How cool is that!


You've read about Duke the faithful dog a number of times now, but who is it? Then read on quickly.

Duke the loyal hound


Pete's loyal dog named Duke. This creature will never leave your side unless of course it enters the void or gets ripped open by a Ghoul. This card is Ashcan Pete's special card and is also on the table right from the start. So you start every play session with your faithful dog. Duke has 2 abilities and 1 huge bonus what makes this hound very interesting.


His first ability is an action where you get a fight skill of 4 and this attack deals +1 extra damage. So you hit an enemy and Duke bites him again, so to speak.


His second ability is also an action and you are going to initiate an investigate action with a skill value of 4. Not only that you can also go to a connecting location without it costing you anything. So if you grab the last clue at the location, you have a free move as a bonus. This can also be very useful for luring enemies away from other investigators.


The last bonus is huge. Duke is just one of the few assets or allies that can absorb massive damage and horror. This makes it all that little bit easier for Pete. The Survivor class is a class that takes slightly greater risks than the others. Well, Pete didn't really have the stats that made this possible, but with Duke by his side this suddenly applies, which makes the playing experience much more fun.

PRO TIP: Don't let Duke die. Your entire tactic with Pete should revolve around securing Duke. You probably all think yes yes yes, we could have told you that too, but we want to get it printed in your brain!

Wracked by Nightmares


You already read it. Pete is troubled by his nightmares. This card pushes that even deeper into the game. This Madness card is really the worst thing you can draw and there is nothing to save you. The only thing you can be lucky with is that you get this card into play quite early. If so, nothing more serious can happen than that. Otherwise you will have a real problem later on. Imagine, Pete is often the fighter of the bunch in our cases. We are now working on the Dunwich Legacy he together with Ursula.

Then you are battling with Pete against 2 enemies and then this card comes. It remains an insanely difficult game as it turns out with this card. This Madness card is gone for 2 actions. So it will cost you something to get rid of this card. You can't use Duke and with Pete, Duke is al you got!

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