wendy Adams - the urchin

Wendy Wendy Wendy, the lost girl now already a grown woman. Wendy is the first investigator in the survival class, a real go-getter. She grew up in an orphanage after her mother was admitted to an insane asylum. This is all because Wendy's father went missing at sea and was never seen again. After that, her mother went a little crazy and wrote weird symbols in and around the house to protect her family. Wendy was still young and had no idea what all this meant. When her mother was taken she gave her Amulet to Wendy to protect her. However, Wendy is now a grown woman and she herself is looking for answers in the darkest corners of Arkham.


The stats don't lie 4/3/1/4 isn't exactly a Seeker or Guardian, but her willpower and agility make her an extremely helpful investigator when it comes to outsmarting monsters or treacherries. Her sanity and hit points are equal to 7 and therefore make her a bit stronger on both fronts.


Her ability is really cool! If you miss the right token from the chaos bag, you can discard a card from your hand to take a new one. This in combination with her Amulet makes her a strong controlling investigator.


Her Super star ability is an instant win as long as you have her Amulet on. Her whole trick consists of wearing her Amulet. Why? You can read that now below.

Special card

Wendy's Amulet. This is the special card for Wendy and is really a MUST to have it on the table as soon as possible. If necessary, use a Mulligan in the beginning to make sure you get it.


Your Super star ability is an instant win, so that's already a fact. Every skill test is now one step closer to a win. The Amulet also allows her to place any event card she plays at the bottom of her deck. So you never lose event tickets.


So the trick with Wendy is to throw away event cards to transfer nasty tokens from the chaos bag. Then you can play this card from your discard pile again with the Amulet. We love it when a plan comes together.


Going back to her childhood. With this card you will be thrown back to your past. Something Wendy doesn't want to remind herself of.

The text Abandoned and Alone also sounds very sad.


Revalation so the effect on the card happens immediately, direct horror means that Wendy has to wear this horror herself and cannot impose it on an ally. You also have to remove your discard pile from the game and that way your trick with your Amulet doesn't stand a chance.


For the rest, this horror is not very annoying, especially if you don't have a discard pile.